QUIRKY WORLD ... Nigella Lawson a real ‘nightmare’ when it comes to a cuppa

England: Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson said she is a “complete nightmare” to make a cup of tea for.
QUIRKY WORLD ... Nigella Lawson  a real ‘nightmare’ when it comes to a cuppa

The food writer and TV chef likes her daily cuppa made in a specific manner and admits: “I am incredibly precise and I know exactly how I want it.”

Lawson, 56, also doesn’t make any diva demands and only asks for tea mugs, a kettle and milk in the hotel room fridge.

Although she admits that these days she travels with her own kettle and has started travelling with her own mug because others are “not big enough”.

Lawson stars in the new TV advert for tea brand Typhoo and says the partnership is a “natural and happy fit”.

“I am a complete nightmare to make tea for,” she told the Press Association.

“I like it very strong with some milk in it and I have to have it at the optimum temperature which is just after it’s too hot but before it gets anywhere near room temperature.”

She estimates she drinks “nearer to 12 than eight mugs” of tea a day.

The new advert shows a relaxed and casually-dressed Lawson as she shares her recipe for a perfect tea moment.

“On a day-to-day basis I just have my two mugs of tea and then I chain-drink tea throughout the day.

“My treat is some toast and good bitter marmalade and a mug of tea, but that’s not an everyday matter,” she explained.

Tea has always been in the Lawson family. Her mother Vanessa Salmon was heiress to the Lyons Coffee House dynasty, and her grandfather was “said to have the best nose in Mincing Lane”, a reference to the London street that became known for its tea establishments.

Luck of the draw

US: Lottery officials say a 19-year-old central Florida man and first-time lottery player used the numbers off someone else’s unpurchased Powerball ticket to win $2 million (€1.83m)..

Frederick Walker said there was already a completed play slip at the Sav-A-Ton in Lake Mary where he purchased his ticket and decided to try his hand using those numbers.

He matched five numbers in Wednesday’s draw to win $1 million, but added an extra feature which doubled his prize to $2 million.

This recent series of Powerball rollovers has generated historically high jackpots, causing a bit of lottery fever across the country.

Baby Bowie

England: Take That star Howard Donald has called his new baby Bowie in what appears to be a tribute to the iconic singer whose death from cancer was announced on Monday.

In a tweet, Donald wrote: “Bowie Taylan Donald came into this world on Tues 12th Jan. Mummy and daddy suffering sleep deprivation but life is wonderful, he is divine.”

Donald has not officially said he has named his boy after the singer but he did write a touching note in response to Bowie’s death.

“Feel very honoured that I have a photo of me and Jay (Jason Orange) with David Bowie. When we did TOTP. What a genius and a great loss. RIP,” he wrote.

Foosball drug smuggler

Canada: A woman was caught trying to smuggle more than 50lb of marijuana into the US, by hiding it in a table football set, police said.

US Customs and Border Protection officials said the woman was stopped at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge border crossing into New York state, just north of Niagara Falls, and told officers she was heading into New York to buy tickets for a $1.6bn lottery jackpot.

But a sniffer dog found 50 vacuum-sealed plastic bags with marijuana stuffed into a table football set in her van. The pot was worth about $60,000. The woman was turned over to state police.

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