QUIRKY WORLD ... Chase bank offers no getaway to teenaged raider

USA: A teen accused of robbing a Detroit bank didn’t have a good getaway plan.
QUIRKY WORLD ... Chase bank offers no getaway to teenaged raider

Police say a teller at a Chase bank activated electronic locks, trapping the 15-year-old boy between a set of doors on his way out. He was arrested when officers arrived.

Officer Dan Donakowski said the teen had threatened to use a bomb if the teller didn’t give him money. Police don’t believe he had a weapon.

Tuna price off the scale

JAPAN: A 200kg bluefin tuna sold for 14m yen (€109,721) at the first auction of the year at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market.

Kiyoshi Kimura, of Kiyomura Corp which owns a chain of sushi restaurants, won the first bid for the fish caught off Japan’s Oma coast in Aomori prefecture.

The price is higher than Kimura’s bid last year — also successful — which was 4.51m yen (€35,354) but lower than the 155m yen (€1,215,079) Kiyomura Corp paid for a bluefin tuna in 2013.

Kangaroo dog

South America: Born without her front legs and abandoned on the street by her original owners, Estrella, a one-and-a-half-year-old mutt, has not let her disability hold her back.

Adopted by a couple running an animal shelter in the small Peruvian town of Tinga Maria, Estrella has gained celebrity status by hopping around — just like a kangaroo.

Ivan Escobar and his wife Elva Carhuaz say they found Estrella when she was six months old.

“She is like a baby who starts learning how to walk. That is how we see her, from that day, that is what she learned,” Carhuaz said.

Chemical tribute for Lemmy

ENGLAND: The name “Lemmy” will always live on for fans of hard rock, but now the singer’s moniker could be immortalised far beyond the bounds of music — in chemistry’s periodic table.

Lemmy, the frontman of rock band Motorhead, was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of cancer on Boxing Day and died just two days later at his home in Los Angeles, shortly after celebrating his 70th birthday.

In perhaps the ultimate tribute, fans have signed a petition calling for one of four newly discovered super-heavy elements, chemical number 118 in the periodic table, to be named “Lemmium”.

Wake up and smell the ...

FRANCE: If you find buzzing or beeping is an alarming way to wake up, you might enjoy Sensorwake’s olfactory alarm clock.

The device by the French company emits scents that should get you up gently in about two minutes. The clock diffuses particles to give you a whiff of things like espresso, hot croissants, a lush jungle, chocolate or pepper mint. Two packs last for a total of 60 days.

And this important feature is important in cold and flu season: There’s a back-up alarm if you have a stuffy nose.

The new skinny black

USA: An astrophysicist has discovered something even rarer than a double-black hole galaxy: A skinny black hole.

The University of Colorado’s Julie Comerford says only 12 galaxies are known to exist with two black holes in their midst. Normally galaxies have a single supermassive black hole at the centre. But in this newly identified galaxy about 1bn light-years away, one of the two black holes is smaller than the other and apparently starved of stars.

Changing the script

USA: A Rhode Island police department is reviewing its policy on using Facebook after a complaint about a quote from the film Forrest Gump that was included in announcing an arrest.

Warwick police arrested an 18-year-old and a juvenile on the department’s car park on misdemeanour charges that the two were taking hubcaps off a marked police car and trying to steal equipment.

WJAR-TV reports that police posted a mugshot of the older teenager on the department’s Facebook page with the quote, “Stupid is as stupid does”, a line from the movie. The department removed the photo and replaced the quote with “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Zombie nativity scene

USA: An Ohio man pledged to not let his “zombie Nativity” display die without a fight.

Jasen Dixon pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of violating zoning rules in the Cincinnati suburb of Sycamore Township. “It’s a First Amendment issue,” Dixon told reporters outside a Hamilton County a courtrooms.

He’s been at odds with officials for the past two Decembers about his front yard display and said he made changes to comply.

It features ghoulish figures including a sharp-toothed creature in the manger where baby Jesus would be. It has drawn some complaints, but also widespread attention.

Dixon said he took the display down after Christmas, but said he plans to bring it back “bigger and better” next December.

Township officials have declared that they aren’t anti-zombie, but are enforcing rules about an improper “accessory use” structure in a front yard.

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