Quirky World: Sheep file in behind each other for identity parade

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Quirky World: Sheep file in behind each other for identity parade

ENGLAND: Police held sheep identity parades for farmers from three counties whose ewes had gone missing, a court has heard.

A total of 14 farmers from both sides of the Pennines, in North Yorkshire, Cumbria and County Durham, identified 116 sheep as belonging to them, a jury was told.

Sheep farmers Charles Raine, 66, his nephew Phillip Raine, 46, and Phillip’s 41-year-old partner Shirley Straughan, are on trial at Teesside Crown Court where they deny a charge of conspiracy to use criminal property. They farm in the Bowes area of County Durham, close to the A66.

Sausage dog


A dog had to undergo life-saving surgery after a sausage binge caused his stomach to become dangerously swollen.

Jake the Weimaraner wolfed down four whole sausages, but became critically ill. The seven-year-old was taken to hospital, where vets operated to correct the potentially deadly condition.

Owner Lucy, from Gateshead, said: “We knew he loved sausages but had no idea he was literally swallowing them whole. We’ll be cutting his food into smaller pieces from now on.”

Driving test arrest


A high school student in South Africa stole a bus in a desperate bid to get to his final-year mathematics exams.

Le-Aan Adonis got behind the wheel when the driver failed to show up. He said he found the keys in the bus and other students said they asked the 20-year-old to drive because they trusted he could handle a large vehicle.

A traffic officer stopped the bus a short distance from the school in a village in the Western Cape province, and fined Adonis fined 5,000 rand (€280). He faces a school disciplinary hearing and has already received offers of free legal representation and donations for his fine. The students arrived on time for their exam.

Burglar dropped in it


A burglary suspect’s plans went awry when he dropped in on stunned dinner patrons through the ceiling of a Florida restaurant and was then held down by the customers.

Diners told the manager of the Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet they heard noises coming from the ceiling on Tuesday. Police said Justin Grimes, 30, had gone through ceiling tiles in the bathroom and then fell through into the dining room as he attempted to make his way to the area over the office. Police said he was looking for money.

Hatchet job


San Francisco police are looking for a transgender woman who allegedly threatened a security guard with a hatchet after stealing a handbag from a department store.

KCBS-Radio reports the robbery happened around Monday afternoon at a Bloomingdale’s store in downtown San Francisco.

Police say the woman entered the store and took the handbag, and when a security guard approached, she took out a hatchet from a bag and threatened him.

The security guard backed down, and the woman left the store, fleeing on a bicycle.

A police report describes her as a black transgender woman, in her 40s, about six feet tall, weighing less than 90kg.

Cheque the bin


A Seattle elementary school is thanking a garbageman for finding nearly $12,000 in cheques in the rubbish bin.

Waste Management employee Micah Speir was picking up scattered trash next to some bins when he found a number of cheques made out to Lawson Elementary School.

Principal Dorian Manza says he met Speir on his route and gratefully took the cheques back.

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