QUIRKY WORLD ... Unhappy people in Dubai can expect cops to call

UAE: If you say you are unhappy in Dubai, the police may call to ask you why as part of a new survey.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Unhappy people in Dubai can expect cops to call

The online poll comes as Dubai tries to break into the top 10 rankings of the world’s happiest cities by 2021, an effort in league with other lofty aspirations in the emirate. The simple survey has users choose between a frown, a smile, and an unimpressed straight line.

The police said they will call those who say they are unhappy, which has puzzled some observers, including University of London lecturer William Davies.

He said: “This looks like to me an attempt to try to slightly frighten people into: A) replying to the survey question, and B) replying to say they’re happy, because people really don’t want to be rung up by the police with the question: ‘Well, what’s your problem?’ But I don’t know, maybe there’s something sincere about it.”

Divine cricket


Anglican and Vatican cricketers met for the second time in Rome in a match that saw the St Peter’s XI victorious.

The match was played at the Capanelle Ground in Rome and coincided with the conclusion of the Roman Catholic Church’s Synod on the Family.

The Vatican side reached 147 for 6, with the Archbishop’s XI all out for 105.

Gun under the hammer


A revolver owned by a man who could snuff out a candle with one shot and cut a playing card in half is going on sale.

The handgun, which belonged to Waltern Winans (1852-1920), considered to be the greatest crackshot of all time, will be sold at Bonhams in Knightsbridge, London, in December. The .450 Model 3 revolver by Smith & Wesson is estimated to sell for £2,000 to £3,000.

Winans represented the USA at the 1908 Olympic Games in which he won Gold in the double-shot deer-running event.

Good spelling sells


Consumers favour businesses that spell their names correctly and use good grammar, according to a study.

Research from Barclays Business asked UK consumers whether the name of a business can help or hinder trade and found that small and medium-sized enterprises with good spelling are top of the class, with 89% of shoppers saying they are more encouraged to shop there.

Scary pooch parade


A New York park went to the dogs in a grand way, hosting what was billed as the nation’s largest Halloween dog parade, with hundreds of the canines dressed as superheroes, dinosaurs, and the pope.

Thousands of spectators lapped it up, mingling with nearly 400 four-legged contestants around a stage in Manhattan’s Tompkins Square Park.

The prize was won by Dallas contestants whose Day of the Dead-themed presentation included two Chihuahuas and a Yorkshire terrier.

Madrid sheep drive


Spanish shepherds led 2,000 sheep through the streets of Madrid in defence of age-old droving, grazing, and migration rights that are threatened by urban sprawl and fenced-in pastures.

Tourists and children were surprised to see wide avenues blocked off in the Spanish capital to let the woolly parade — bleating loudly and clanking bells — cross the city, accompanied by sheepdogs. Government agriculture spokesman Carlos Cabanas says the tradition is essential to “maintain native breeds that are in danger of extinction”.

Shepherds have held the right since at least 1273 to use droving routes across land that used to be open fields before Madrid became a sprawling metropolis. A shepherd handed over 150 maravedies — coins minted in the 11th century — to city officials for the crossing.

Stripper burglar


A naked burglar who hopped into a Portland, Oregon, couple’s bed in the middle of the night wound up fleeing down the street after the male victim woke up and chased him with a gun, firing three shots, police said.

Portland police say Dean Defeudis, 32, broke into a Portland home, gathered items of value and then stripped naked, climbed into bed with a man and woman and then kissed the man.

“The victim woke up and the suspect was sitting on top of him holding a knife,” said Portland Police Sergeant Pete Simpson.

“The victim pushed the suspect off of him, retrieved his handgun, and began giving the suspect commands to stop.

“The suspect put his pants on and ran out of the home, chased by the victim who fired three shots near the suspect to get him to stop.”

Defeudis was not injured in the incident.

The male victim, who was also unhurt, was not expected to face charges in the incident.

Defeudis, who was arrested in a nearby vacant house, was treated at a local hospital for suspected drug use.

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