Quirky World: Tunnel vision lands drug smuggler in hot water

MEXICO: The arrest of a drug smuggler in scuba gear led to the discovery of a tunnel from Mexico.

Quirky World: Tunnel vision lands drug smuggler in hot water

Evelio Padilla, of Honduras, pleaded guilty in federal court in San Diego to one count of possession of drugs with intent to distribute.

Border Patrol agents discovered Padilla in a wetsuit next to the All-American Canal, about 12km east of Calexico, California.

Near him, they found several vacuum-sealed packages filled with cocaine and later discovered the 230ft-long tunnel, which began at a house in Mexicali, Mexico, and ended under the water of the canal.

Back to bite him


A bulldog breeder who lost an arm after being savaged by his own dogs has been jailed after his animals attacked a 63-year-old man.

Stephen Potts, 48, from Low Pittington, Co Durham, had only left hospital a few weeks after losing his arm before the incident with dog walker Lindsay Edwards.

Judge Christopher Prince at Durham Crown Court jailed him for three months and banned him from owning dogs for life.

Armed and dangerous


A man guarding a small-town Oklahoma gun range called Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gear accidentally shot himself in the arm after dropping his weapon.

The gun range in Oktaha was at the centre of controversy after it was one of several businesses to declare themselves “Muslim-free”.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations had asked the Department of Justice to investigate some for possible civil rights violations.

The armed locals said they began guarding the business after owners claimed they received death threats over a “Muslim-free” sign.

Hidden depths


Adventurer Ben Fogle has embarked on an expedition to hunt for great white sharks in UK waters, using the carcass of a 9m whale as bait.

The investigation will reveal the hidden creatures lurking in British seas for an upcoming ITV documentary fronted by the presenter.

It is believed to be the first whale-fall experiment to take place in the UK, recreating what happens when a whale drops to the bottom of the ocean once it dies.

You make me wanna shout


Bluebirds “shout” to be heard over the noise produced by humans, new research has shown.

They alter their songs immediately after noise levels intensified, such as from traffic, the study showed, and made “real-time” adjustments in order to produce songs that are both louder and lower-pitched.

The results reported by Dr Caitlin Kight, a behavioural ecologist based at the University of Exeter, suggest that birds are able to perceive increases in noise and respond accordingly — not unlike humans do in raucous settings.

Zombies killed off


It seems money is the best medicine to put the undead to rest: The annual New Jersey Zombie Walk has fallen victim to rising costs and growing popularity.

The free event began with a group of friends shuffling and groaning their way through Asbury Park seven years ago. It grew in size over the years and raised money for charities. In 2013, Guinness World Records certified nearly 10,000 zombies were the world’s largest gathering of the undead.

Organiser Jason Meehan said costs have risen and the decayed buildings that once served as the event’s backdrop in the city have been replaced by new flats and restaurants.

Snow regrets


A terminally ill dog has enjoyed a final play in the snow after his owners created a “bucket list” of experiences for him to enjoy before he dies.

Six-year-old Angus, a Bernese mountain dog, is suffering from liver cancer and has been given about a month to live so owners Dawn and Allan Birse decided to make sure his final weeks were happy by drawing up a list of 15 things for him to do.

One item on the list was frolicking in the snow so they took him to Snow Factor Braehead near Glasgow.

Bollywood ban


A lawyer for a wanted Pakistani militant leader says a court has banned an upcoming Bollywood movie that imagines his client being assassinated.

Lawyer AK Dogar says the Lahore High Court ruled t the film Phantom should not be shown in Pakistan. The ruling comes two weeks after Hafiz Saeed, a Pakistani with a $10m bounty on his head over his alleged involvement in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, filed a motion asking that the film be banned. He said it posed a threat to his life.

Poles not revolting


The editor of a Polish newspaper which backed an unofficial strike by UK migrant workers has defended the action after just a handful of people turned up to protest.

Polish workers had been urged to participate in a one day walk-out to raise awareness of discrimination immigrants face in the UK. But a planned protest outside the Houses of Parliament attracted just a few supporters, who were outnumbered by press.

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