VIDEO: Why do we laugh? Allow us to explain…

Laughter is, as Joe Hanson (PhD) reminds us, weird. We scrunch up our faces and make wheezing noises, and we do it all over the world - instinctively.

VIDEO: Why do we laugh? Allow us to explain…

Why? Well, Joe's super-science web series, 'It's Okay to be Smart' is ready to help with the answer to that - with plenty of science puns along the way.

Hanson's webseries focuses on a different question every week, from the science of running a marathon to the question of whether Santa is real.

In this video he explains that laughter isn't like speech - it's a much more basic vocalisation. Hell, even rats do it (in a super high-pitched way) and apes, too.

It's a funny old world.


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