QUIRKY WORLD ... Shih Tzu lucky that owner didn’t throw in the sponge

ENGLAND: A Shih Tzu dog had life-saving treatment after he swallowed a kitchen sponge. Alfie’s owner, Maria Bird, was cleaning the bathroom, when Alfie pinched a sponge from the packet, gulping it down in one.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Shih Tzu lucky that owner didn’t throw in the sponge

The 20-month-old dog seemed fine, but his worried owner took him to the vet. Ms Bird, 53, from Jarrow, South Tyneside, said: “Alfie has always been a mischief-maker, but I was astounded when he wolfed down the sponge in one go. He seemed absolutely fine, but I knew he could be in deep trouble. I rushed him straight to PDSA, where vets checked him over.”

Vet nurse Caroline Watson was on duty at PDSA’s Gateshead Pet Hospital. She said: “We gave Alfie an injection to make him sick and, thankfully, the medicine worked its magic quickly.

“Thanks to the speedy actions of Maria, Alfie avoided a far worse fate, as when pets swallow foreign bodies, they can cause tears or fatal blockages in the digestive system.

“We were amazed that such a small dog managed to swallow a sponge of that size — it can’t have been very pleasant going down or coming back up again.” Alfie has returned to his usual self.

3,000 mile journey cost £3


Britain’s longest journey in an electric car has ended after 3,000 miles (4,828km) on the Electric Highway. It cost £3.

Travelling in a Nissan Leaf, Sam Parker visited 150 charging locations across the UK, from Exeter to Edinburgh, including a visit to the Womad Festival. He said: “I charged up at home, before setting off, which cost just £3, and, after that, refuelled on the Electric Highway, for free, using 100% green electricity from the wind and the sun.”

Minion is top fantasy job


Being a Minion or a Hogwarts professor are the top fantasy jobs for Britons. Over 2,000 adults were quizzed by www.vouchercloud.com. Others wished they were time travellers or tooth fairies. The top five jobs were Minion (32%), Hogwarts professor (27%), superhero (26%), dinosaur trainer (25%) and time traveller (24%).

Adults lie about their youth


Parents who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s admit to fictionalising their youth to appear “more interesting”. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of Britons aged between 35 and 50 have lied about their pasts, with one-third (30%) doing so to appeal to younger people.

The study, commissioned by Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, found 55% falsely claimed to have joined a youth sub-culture movement, such as punks or new romantics, while 42% lied about going to the Glastonbury festival or holidaying in Ibiza.

Cocaine found in fruit pulp


Customs and law enforcement personnel in Mexico found cocaine dissolved in fruit pulp imported from Colombia.

The drug was detected among 24 tonnes of red berries packed into 120 55-gallon drums of frozen fruit pulp. The berries were thawed and tests revealed that 16 of the drums contained cocaine mixed into the fruit.

Mexico’s customs and tax authority said it was a “sophisticated” and “unprecedented” smuggling attempt.

Football boss hits reporter


Mexico football coach, Miguel Herrera — known for his shows of emotion during games — has been accused of punching a TV sports reporter who was critical of the team’s performances.

Television Azteca sports anchor, Christian Martinoli, said Herrera punched him at Philadelphia airport and apparently wanted to hit him again, but fellow sports commentator, Luis Garcia, got between them.

The Mexican Soccer Federation did not respond to requests for comment.

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