QUIRKY WORLD...Robber flags down police after shooting himself

USA: Authorities say an Orlando man panicked after robbing someone of a phone and shot himself while fleeing the scene and eventually flagged down a deputy for help.

Orange County Sheriff’s Lt Mike Crabb says 24-year-old Lashawn Williams ran across the street after shooting himself and jumped into a Mercedes that had its door open in the parking lot of a gentleman’s club.

The Orlando Sentinel reports Williams drove away in the stolen car when he started feeling the effects of the gunshot wound. He then flagged down a passing deputy and was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center with injuries that were not life-threatening.

Tanked up


It may have been the easiest drink-driving arrest ever made by the New York State Police.

Authorities say a trooper was driving a marked patrol car when he stopped to fill his petrol tank at a convenience store in Brunswick, near Albany.

While the trooper was doing this, state police say, a 50-year-old man from nearby Troy pulled in and parked next to the trooper’s car. Police say the man got out of his vehicle and walked directly into the trooper’s car.

Officials say the man showed obvious signs of intoxication and was questioned by the trooper. Police say the man failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for drink-driving. Trooper say his blood-alcohol content was 0.18%, more than twice the legal limit.

Out of this world


An alien colour chart has been devised by astronomers and biologists to help them recognise extraterrestrial life.

The colours represent 137 chemical fingerprints of different types of micro- organism, some of which hail from the most extreme environments on Earth.

If similar life forms are abundant on an ‘exoplanet’ outside the solar system, they could be identified from the wavelengths of light they reflect. In the same way, a distant observer looking at the Earth would note a greenish tint due to its vegetation.



A solar eclipse that darkened Britain’s skies 530 years ago might have been seen as an ill omen by King Richard III — and with good reason.

The event coincided with the death of his wife, Anne Neville — and five months later the last Plantagenet king was also dead, famously killed at the Battle of Bosworth. But although accounts of the battle attach significance to the eclipse, experts believe the portent of doom references may have been added.

Historian and former University of Leicester lecturer David Baldwin, who first suggested that King Richard’s remains might lie beneath the beneath the Grey Friars car park in Leicester, where they were found in 2012, said: “The Croyland Chronicler says only that there was a great eclipse of the sun on the day Queen Anne Neville died — he does not suggest that it boded ill for her husband.”

No more high fives


US Major League baseball team the Milwaukee Brewers will have to find a new way to celebrate for the next few training games.

The team has banned high fives to avoid the spread of pink eye.

Catcher Jonathan Lucroy and pitching coach Rick Kranitz became the latest victims. They will be staying home for 48 hours in hopes of stopping the spread of the highly contagious condition.

Fish of life


State wildlife officers have resuscitated a 1.5m sturgeon and charged the man who pulled the fish from the Sacramento River.

Officers spotted the poacher along the river near Clarksburg last week. The man hooked a large fish and drove off with it in the bed of his pickup truck.

The officers immediately pulled the man over and brought the large, untagged fish back to the riverbed, where they rocked it back and forth, moving water over its gills. Fishing for white sturgeon, which are native to California, is regulated.

Baby shower


A woman stepped into the shower this week to help ease the discomfort of stomach pains. She emerged holding a newborn.

Brittany Young, 24, knew she was pregnant and had recurring stomach pains.

But it turns out Young may have misunderstood a hospital worker in December. Instead of being 12 weeks pregnant then, as Ms Young believed, she had 12 weeks left.

Her new arrival, whom she has called Miracle, emerged five seconds later weighing 6.95kg.

Water charges


A bill for $1.40 sent by a Maine water district almost a half-century ago has finally been returned.

The Brunswick and Topsham Water District mailed the bill to a resident of Topsham in October 1969. The bill was supposed to be returned to the water district by the post office because the customer’s post office box had been closed.

However, it didn’t find its way back to the district until last Tuesday, 46 years later.

The district believes that the customer has since passed away. The bill had a 6-cent stamp on it.

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