Video: How is Daylight Saving Time still a thing?

On Sunday March 29 we will under take the annual routine of moving the clocks and hour forward for Daylight Saving Time, but why do we still do this?

Video: How is Daylight Saving Time still a thing?

Well, American TV show 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' have given us a concise, short video which outlines how unnecessary and pointless the hour changes are.

For many years, we have been under the impression that it benefited farmers to give them more hours of the day to work on their land.

However, it has absolutely no benefit for the farmers.

"Cows don't care what time it is, because they're cows. And cows are idiots!"

Daylight Saving's Time was introduced by the Germans in World War One as a fuel saving measure.

"That's right, you lost an hours sleep for thanks to Kaiser Wilhelm!"

In the modern era, it doesn't benefit the saving of fuel at all.

It does however lead to an increase in car accidents in the week following the clock change, probably from people not adjusting to it and rushing to work.

Is it a pointless thing that aims to steal our precious hour of sleep?

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