Strauss-Kahn: I may have a rougher sexuality

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was accused at a French trial of forcing a prostitute to perform some sex acts against her will at a Brussels hotel.

Strauss-Kahn: I may have a rougher sexuality

Sandrine Vandenschrik told judges in Lille, France, yesterday that Strauss-Kahn didn’t give her a chance to refuse his actions. Another woman said that Strauss-Kahn forced her into an “animal” sex act.

“Every time I see his photo or see him, I revisit this impalement that tears me up inside, because no other client would dare do that to me,” Vandenschrik said. He didn’t ask for my permission, “probably because I was a prostitute”.

Strauss-Kahn and 13 other men are charged with hiring prostitutes for orgies in a case known as the “Carlton Affair” for the name of the hotel in Lille where some of the sex parties took place.

Prosecutors are trying to introduce evidence that Strauss-Kahn was violent and forced women into acts, cutting against his arguments that he did not know they were prostitutes.

The 65-year-old Strauss-Kahn said the atmosphere was “friendly” after he and Vandenschrik had sex.

The former head of the International Monetary Fund was testifying for a second day as he seeks to repair a reputation that has been battered by sex scandals on two continents. Charges of sexual assault in a New York hotel room were eventually dropped.

Vandenschrik said she gave Strauss-Kahn a lift in her car from a swingers’ club in the Belgian countryside to Brussels before the hotel encounter. She said they discussed the difference between French and Belgian prostitution law, and that she was an exotic dancer.

Strauss-Kahn didn’t dispute the nature of the sex, but said he had no way of thinking it wasn’t consensual. There was no exchange of money, he said.

Asked if her job as dancer at a sex club didn’t make him think she might be paid to go to bed with him, he said no. He conceded he may have a sexuality which is “rougher” than the average man. “But I have the same sexual behaviour with all the women I have met,” he said.

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