QUIRKY WORLD ... Live TV is snow fun — but presenter remains icy cool

ENGLAND: A TV journalist has been described as being as “cool as a cucumber” for carrying on without flinching when he was the victim of a snowball attack while live on a news channel.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Live TV is snow fun — but presenter remains icy cool

BBC South Today political editor Peter Henley was reporting live for the BBC News channel on the forthcoming election in Eastleigh, Hampshire, when a passer-by took aim and threw a snowball at him.

But the experienced reporter, who has worked for the BBC for more than 20 years, carried on regardless.

Posting a vine video of the incident on Twitter, Radio 4 journalist Nick Sutton wrote: “Well done @BBCPeterH. He didn’t even flinch as he was snowballed live on BBC News Channel.”

Mr Henley responded on Twitter: “Too many layers to realise what happened” and added: “Think he let me off really.”

His colleague Laura Trant posted: “Yep — that’s my colleague @BBCPeterH “cool as a cucumber!”

Bunny love

ENGLAND: More than half of all pet rabbits could be lonely, according to a new survey by the RSPCA and University of Bristol.

The poll found that 60% of rabbits were housed without a companion, which could lead to suffering as they naturally live in groups.

A large proportion of rabbits — 58% — were thought to be fearful of loud noises and 61% were reported as stressed when handled by their owner.

The study found that some rabbits only had irregular access to exercise and this was not given in the early morning or evening when they are naturally most active, the RSPCA said.

Caught in the act

USA: Shawn Michael Robinson, 27, of Alexandria, was driving a white Crown Victoria behind the off-duty officer’s car at around 1am.

Police said the real officer pulled over when Robinson turned on a spotlight attached to his car.

Instead of getting out, Robinson pulled alongside the officer’s car, then sped off when the officer identified himself.

Police later issued a warrant for his arrest and Robinson turned himself in.

He is being held without bond on a charge of impersonating an officer.

Mobile BBQ

USA: The only thing missing was the barbecue sauce when a lorry carrying frozen chicken in southern California collided with a truck hauling bees and ignited a fireball which quickly cooked the chicken.

The California Highway Patrol said the truck carrying the chickens burst into flames and was incinerated in the crash on Interstate 10 near Palm Springs, but the driver escaped with minor injuries.

Play it safe

USA: Police said a suspicious package left behind a concrete barrier at a New York City bus station did not contain any explosives but did contain 1,000 individually packaged condoms for both men and women.

Investigators inspected a silver messenger-style satchel that was left at George Washington Bridge Bus Station.

No one has come forward to claim the bag or its contents.

Walking tall

USA: Hundreds of people have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to help a man who says he typically walks 21 miles (33km) to get to and from work.

The Detroit Free Press reports that James Robertson rides buses part of the way to and from his factory job in suburban Rochester Hills, but because they don’t cover the whole route, he ends up walking about 8 miles before his shift starts at 2pm and 13 more when it’s over at 10.

After the newspaper wrote about the 56-year-old’s situation at the weekend, multiple people started crowdfunding efforts to help him buy a car and pay for insurance.

Some have offered to drive him and others have offered to buy or give him cars.

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