Activists plan ‘Interview’ DVD drop on N Korea

DVDs of Sony’s controversial film The Interview will be dropped into North Korea by balloon, a South Korean activist says.

Activists plan ‘Interview’ DVD drop on N Korea

Park Sang-hak said he hoped to break down a personality cult built around the North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un.

The comedy depicting an assassination attempt on Kim is at the centre of tension between North Korea and the US, with Washington blaming Pyongyang for crippling hacking attacks on Sony Entertainment.

Pyongyang denies that and has vowed to retaliate.

Mr Park said he would start dropping 100,000 DVDs and USBs with the film by balloon in North Korea as early as next month.

The North Korean defector said he was working with the US-based non-profit Human Rights Foundation, which was financing the making of the DVDs and USB memory sticks of the film with Korean subtitles.

He said foundation officials planned to visit South Korea around January 20 to hand over the DVDs and USBs, and that he and the officials would then try to float the first batch of the balloons if weather conditions allowed.

“North Korea’s absolute leadership will be crumble if the idolisation of leader Kim breaks down.”

In October, the country opened fire at giant balloons carrying anti-Pyongyang propaganda leaflets floated by South Korean activists, trigging an exchange of gunfire with South Korean troops.

However, it is not clear how effective the plan will be, as very few ordinary North Korean citizens own computers or DVD players.

Meanwhile Canadians will be able to watch The Interview by more conventional means when it is released in 27 cinemas tomorrow.

Sony, which had received a wave of criticism after it decided not to show the film, including from US President Barack Obama, also released the movie online.

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