Quirky World: Man relieved after selling girl’s cat by accident

A US man who accidentally sold his girlfriend’s cat when it was hiding inside a bed he was selling has had the pet returned after 10 days.

Quirky World: Man relieved after selling girl’s cat by accident

Roy Dufek from Portland, Oregon, took to Craigslist in a bid to find Camo, who he deduced had been shipped off inside the divan.

In a desperate post, he wrote: “Little did I know when the cat is scared it hides inside the box spring.”

He and girlfriend Hayley Crews were doubly concerned when the bed’s new owner, who had carried off the bed on his car roof rack, could find no trace of the cat at his home.

However, Crews caught Camo in a trap baited with sardines and familiar scented clothing after it was seen near Hillsboro Airport, west of Portland.

They now believe the five-year-old cat probably scurried out of the box spring when the buyer, who lives near the airport, took it off the car roof.

Nowhere to hide


A woman has been jailed on charges she broke into a stranger’s central Pennsylvania home after a night of drinking and was found by police in bed.

A newspaper reported that state police responded to an alarm about 4.15am on Sunday in Liberty Township, Centre County.

That’s where police say they found a broken window and 27-year-old Nicole Lynn Daugherty in the homeowner’s bed. Nobody else was home at the time.

Police say the Bellefonte woman told them she had been drinking at a party hours earlier, but couldn’t remember anything else — including how or why she got into the house.

Online court records don’t list an attorney for Daugherty who faces a preliminary hearing Wednesday on charges of burglary, criminal trespass, and criminal mischief.

Nut rage


A court has approved the arrest of a former Korean Air Lines executive who delayed a flight in what has widely been called nut rage.

Seoul Western District Court said it had granted a warrant to arrest Cho Hyun-ah, 40, citing concerns that she might destroy evidence or flee.

She resigned as vice- president of Korean Air amid public anger that she forced a plane to return to its gate in New York to remove the chief flight attendant because she was angry that macadamia nuts were served in a bag instead of on a plate.

Witnesses said she assaulted and insulted cabin crew members in the incident on December 5. The arrest comes as Korean Air faces government sanctions for allegedly trying to cover up the incident.

Mouse trap


A mouse delayed a Qatar Airways flight from Madrid to Doha for more than six hours after it was spotted in the cabin.

The rodent was spied upon landing, running down the aisle of the plane, causing alarm among passengers.

The cabin had to be fumigated, causing a delay of more than six hours for passengers waiting to board at Madrid’s Barajas Airport.

The mouse’s body was found after the fumigation process but passengers had to wait until the fumes had completely cleared before they were allowed to board.

Passengers missed connections to Thailand, Singapore, and Bali because of the animal, according to a Spanish daily paper. The company has said it will pay any of the costs incurred.

Milking the issue


The tourism ministry denied a famous ice-cream store had closed due to lack of milk, the latest quirky twist in the bitter national debate over who is to blame for the nation’s economic problems.

“It’s false,” the ministry tweeted after the Coromoto shop, which holds a Guinness world record for its 863 different flavours, announced it was closed over the Christmas holiday because of a milk shortage.

An article on the ministry’s website said Coromoto’s Portuguese owner was on holiday in his homeland while other parlours in Venezuela’s western city of Merida, where the shop is located, were finding enough milk to function normally.

“Manuel da Silva is an opposition supporter, with every right to be so, except that he’s telling a lie and his action was planned, through the media, as part of the low-intensity war against the present government,” the article said.

Space lettuce


A team of science students has created a plan to land lettuce on Mars, and the plan has been short-listed to be included in a future flight to the Red Planet.

The project, being run at the University of Southampton, aims to put the first life on Mars by growing the vegetable in a greenhouse which will use the atmosphere and sunlight to help it grow.

The plan is one of 10 short-listed university projects and the only UK one to be selected for potential inclusion in the payload for the Mars One landing in 2018.

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