Mother says social workers stole baby after forced C-section

An Italian woman whose baby girl was taken into care after she was forced to have her delivered by caesarean section has accused social workers of stealing the child.

Mother says social workers stole baby after forced C-section

Alessandra Pacchieri, 35, who suffers from bipolar disorder, is pleading for a “second chance” to prove she could care for the baby girl with the support of her family in Italy.

After she gave birth in Aug 2012, the newborn child was taken into care by Essex social services. The child, now 15 months old, is expected to be adopted.

Ms Pacchieri, a care worker for the elderly from Tuscany, condemned the court that allowed the process and accused social workers of “invading” her body and stealing her baby.

Yesterday it emerged the Court of Protection granted an NHS trust permission for doctors to carry out the procedure last year “because of concerns about risks to mother and child”. Mr Justice Mostyn said he made the ruling after doctors told him that Ms Pacchieri risked rupture if she was to give birth naturally.

The lawyer for Ms Pacchieri said the decision to force the baby, known only as P, to be delivered by caesarean section was “absolutely unreasonable”.

Stefano Oliva said the mother was permitted to see her baby once a week until the end of October last year, when she moved back to Italy to get support from her family.

She came back to Britain once a month to visit the child. This arrangement stood until May of this year when social workers told her it would be the last time she would see her daughter, he said.

Ms Pacchieri told the Daily Mail: “Your family courts and your social workers invaded my body and stole my baby. I believe that the British authorities planned to adopt my daughter from the very beginning. Something very unfair has been done to me. I am fighting to get my daughter back...”

Ms Pacchieri is reported to have come to Britain whilst pregnant in the summer last year to attend a training course with an airline at Stansted Airport.

After she stopped taking medication she had a panic attack and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

She said she was told to take medicine to control her depression, but refused as she was worried it could cause death to pregnant women or an unborn baby.

On Jun 13, 2012 she was detained as a mental patient after a successful application by the local health trust.

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