Toddler dethroned in toilet seat dilemma


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Toddler dethroned in toilet seat dilemma

ENGLAND: A two-year-old boy had to be freed by firefighters when a toilet seat became stuck on his head. Firemen from Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service used small tools to remove the toilet seat after being called to Sunnybank in Barnstaple in Devon.

A spokeswoman said the boy was “very distressed”, but added: “The boy was unharmed and left in the care of his mother.”

Street named after Ku Klux Klan member to be renamed

USA: A US city is renaming a popular street that had been named after a businessman who was in the Ku Klux Klan.

Tulsa City Council will remove Wyatt Tate Brady as the street’s name and replace it with Mathew Brady, a 19th century photographer best known for his images of battlefields from the American Civil War.

Haitians raid warehouse for plastic bags and containers

HAITI: The Haitian government has launched its first raid to enforce the country’s new ban on plastic bags and foam fast-food containers. Officials confiscated bags and containers at warehouses in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

Plastic bags and foam containers are a huge problem in Haiti, not just as a source of litter but because they clog the storm drainage channels and in the flood-prone country.

The government imposed the ban in October but it has been widely ignored. So far, offenders have not been fined but just warned.

Man sent back to jail after badly parking his car

USA: A New York man wanted for a probation violation was arrested after he parked badly at a truck stop.

A police officer spotted 23-year-old Matthew Bergeron as he tried to back a vehicle into a parking space. He parked crookedly, straddling two spaces, then walked away from the vehicle.

The officer knew Bergeron from previous arrests and that he was a burglary suspect. He was sent to jail.

Scots leave 10,000 beer cans in Trafalgar Square after losing football match

ENGLAND: An estimated 10,000 beer cans have been cleared from Trafalgar Square during an “almighty clean-up” after kilt-clad Scottish football fans descended on it before their match against England.

Scotland suffered a 3-2 defeat in the friendly game, but Westminster City Council said it had triumphed over litter.

Its clean-up staff also found “one or two weary Scotsmen” still in the square the morning after. The council’s team of 20 workers cleared an estimated two tonnes of beer cans.

Leith Penny, Westminster City Council’s strategic director for city management, said: “I’m glad to say it is Westminster 1, litter 0.”

Police to hand out Doritos at Hempfest

USA: The haze of pot smoke at this year’s Hempfest, the 22-year-old marijuana-friendly “protestival” in Seattle, might smell a little more like victory after Washington and Colorado became the first US states to legalise marijuana use by adults over 21.

And the Seattle police will be busy handing out Doritos: the department has 1,000 bags affixed with labels urging people to check out a question-and-answer post on its website about Washington’s law.

As many as 85,000 people per day are expected for the three-day festival. Executive director Vivian McPeak said the event is calling for reforms of federal marijuana laws.

Mutant sweetcorn found in Pennsylvanian farm

USA: When farmer Ben Klunk tells people about the mutant corn he found, they are all ears. The Pennsylvania man says he discovered an ear of corn with four heads and has been keeping it in a fridge.

The 81-year-old said he had “pulled a lot of sweetcorn” from his land in Hanover and had never found a double- or triple-headed ear of corn, let alone a quadruple one.

He and his wife said they did not plan to eat the corn, which was first reported by The Evening Sun newspaper. They said if it stayed fresh for another 10 days they would enter it into a contest.

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