QUIRKY WORLD ... Our daily look at some of the world’s stranger stories

Shark found at door of Nantucket pub

QUIRKY WORLD ... Our daily look at some of the world’s stranger stories

Nantucket’s public works department hauled the dead shark away after its discovery

Pub manager Jimmy Agnew says he doesn’t know why anyone would have dumped the creature there. He said the pub fielded calls and questions all day long after word got out about the land shark.

He said a comedian whose band performs at the pub also posted a series of jokes about it on Facebook.

One suggested the shark went to Sea Dog “to meet his chums”.

Insurance for €1,600 car clocks in at €1.4m

ENGLAND: A motorist looking to insure his 10-year-old £1,400 (€1,600) Vauxhall Corsa was quoted a staggering £1.2m (€1.38m), the Manchester Evening News has reported.

And when Rhys Barker, 27, of Salford Quays, Manchester, queried the figure, he was told he could pay in instalments of £104,000 a month.

When he went online to look for an insurance quote he was frustrated to find most were far higher than what he actually paid for the car. But he was stunned when he logged on the Zenith Insurance website — and was quoted £1.2m.

He said: “I went through all the questions and then the quote came up for £1,165,977.75. I was convinced it must be a mistake, so I called them up on their helpline. They didn’t even seem to be shocked by it.”

Search for keys turns up medieval coins.

WALES: A metal-detecting buff helped a farmer trace his lost keys and then found 14 valuable medieval coins.

Cliff Massey, 84, who has been detecting for more than 30 years, unearthed the 14th and 15th-century silver haul. Farmer Ifon Edwards, 56, said: “If I had not lost my keys they would never have been found.”

A coroner ruled that the find in Bronington, North Wales, was treasure, meaning it must be offered to a museum.

Clients drop $180 for bird poop facials

USA: Would you smear bird poo on your face in the quest for beauty? That’s what goes into facials at a luxury New York City spa.

Women and men visit the Shizuka New York skincare salon for the traditional Japanese treatment using nightingale excrement mixed with ground rice bran. It costs $180 (€135).

Spa owner Shizuka Bernstein said nightingale poo is preferred because nightingales eat seeds which produce an enzyme that exfoliates the skin. A Tokyo native who learned the treatment from her mother, she said the potion does smell — like hay.

Luck might be running out

ENGLAND: Historic statues of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher could be roped off to stop MPs touching their feet for luck.

There is a tradition of politicians laying hands on the images of former prime ministers as they enter the Commons chamber. But the parliamentary authorities have warned that the statues are now “seriously under threat” from wear and tear.

The House’s deputy curator, Melanie Unwin, said: “Four statues (Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee, Margaret Thatcher, and David Lloyd George) in the members’ lobby are seriously under threat due to the tradition of touching the toes of the statues for good luck”.

Baby born on subway platform earns mum $100 fare card

USA: A woman who gave birth to a baby boy on a Metro platform in central Washington is getting $100 in subway or bus fares.

Shavonnte Taylor received a handwritten note of congratulations from Metro general manager Richard Sarles and a $100 fare card.

She gave birth on the station platform after going into labour on board a train. An off-duty emergency medical technician helped her off the train and delivered the baby.

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