Terminally ill two-year-old to be best man at parents wedding

A US couple plan to have their dying toddler serve as the groom’s best man when they wed this weekend.

Terminally ill two-year-old to be best man at parents wedding

Two-year-old Logan is the son of Sean Stevenson and Christine Swidorsky, of Jeannette, Pennsylvania. The couple had planned to wed next year, but decided to move the ceremony up to tomorrow so the boy, who has leukaemia and other complications, could participate.

The boy has already lost one kidney and has a mass on his remaining kidney. He has Fanconi anaemia, a rare disease that often results in cancer. Doctors last week gave the boy two to three weeks to live.

Ms Swidorsky says: “We want Logan in our family pictures, and we want him to see his mother and dad get married.”

“It’ll be the hardest thing I’ll ever do is bury my son,” Stevenson said. “You know it’s coming, and you can’t do anything about it.”

While Logan spends his final days resting in his parents’ home, family members are planning foe the impromptu backyard wedding. The nuptials will be bittersweet for Stevenson and Christine Swidorsky, who have a tiny suit ready for their son.

Swidorsky plans to carry the child down the aisle.

“It hurts so bad because Logan is such a loving child . . . when I cry he wipes my tears away,” Swidorsky said. “Logan is a mama’s boy.”

“His entire life has been nothing but hospitals,” said Kellie Young, the boy’s aunt.

“I just am thankful that I am able to bring my son home and have time with him and hold him before he goes,” Stevenson said. “So in that sense, I feel lucky that I at least get to say goodbye to my son . . . and tell him it’s going to be OK.”

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