Lampard to evict ex’s 100-year-old granny from flat

Soccer star Frank Lampard was yesterday branded a “man without scruples” over his plans to evict his children’s 100-year-old great-grandmother from his Spanish flat.

Lampard to evict ex’s 100-year-old granny from flat

The €180,000-a-week Chelsea and England midfielder got lawyers to order ailing Teresa Canete out of his four-bed Barcelona apartment by the end of the month.

The pensioner, great- grandmother to Lampard’s two daughters by ex fiancee Elen Rives, has been living in the flat rent-free since the footballer bought it four years ago.

Last night Elen’s mother Elena described his move as “degrading” as she revealed her mother is a diabetic and spoke of her fears eviction could kill her.

She said: “I find it totally degrading and consider Frank to be acting totally unscrupulously. Talking in plain Spanish, he’s doing it just to fuck my daughter over as far as I’m concerned. He’s just trying to find another way of hurting her.”

Rubbishing Lampard’s argument he wanted Ms Canete out because he had found a buyer for the flat, she said: “He’d lose money on the flat because property prices in Spain have plummeted. But even if he were to earn anything it would be small change for a man like him.

“He’s a multi-millionaire Premiership footballer for God’s sake. Why does he need the money?

“My mum’s a diabetic who walks with a Zimmer frame and takes load of medicines every day for things like her diabetes, a heart complaint, and her blood pressure.

“Her health is frail, like most 100-year-old people’s would be. I am worried about what would happen if Frank insists on trying to have her evicted. It’s the sort of thing that could be the death of her.

“I don’t know for certain that my mum knows she’s been asked to leave the flat because I don’t speak to her regularly. But I do know that she opens all her post and looks at it with a magnifying glass because she doesn’t want to spend money on glasses.

“It’s disgusting if, as has been reported, the request to leave the flat was sent to her directly. I don’t understand why Frank couldn’t have got his lawyers to write to another younger member of the family.”

Ms Canete celebrated her 100th birthday on Aug 22 — the same day as Frank’s eldest daughter Luna.

A family friend said: “Teresa’s health is very precarious. She relies on relatives’ help for things like cooking and shopping.

“She has four daughters and two sons but none as far as I know are willing or in a position to take Teresa in.

“Goodness knows what will happen to her if Frank has her evicted. It strikes me as a very cruel and unnecessary thing to do. I think his claim he has a buyer for the flat is just a ruse to get Teresa out. She’s not going to live for ever. He could have a bit more patience because he certainly doesn’t need the money.”

Barcelona lawyers Olivella Abogados wrote to Ms Canete on Nov 15 informing her Lampard wanted to recover his flat and was giving her 15 days to leave the dwelling.

Spanish property records show he bought the flat when he was still engaged to Ms Rivas in May 2008 with a €224,000 mortgage.

The couple ended their relationship later that year and Ms Canete was allowed to remain in her home.

The family friend said Lampard had bought the flat, on the third floor of an eight-storey block in a working class part of Barcelona, because it was where Elen’s grandmother had always lived.

“Teresa thought the world of Frank. It’s really tragic.”

The couple were so close to her grandmother they even had a planned caesarean when their eldest daughter was born so they would share the same birthday.

When Elen and her two daughters visit Barcelona they stay at the flat.

A Spanish legal expert confirmed last night: “There is very little chance of this lady managing to stay in the flat beyond more than a few months. She’s what termed a precarious tenant with no rights unless she can show regular rent payments which doesn’t seem to be the case.

“If she doesn’t leave by the end of the month voluntarily, she can be taken to court. A judge would probably grant an eviction order after a trial in about five months. Her age and state of health wouldn’t be a factor in the decision.”

A spokesman for Frank Lampard said he had offered Elen the flat at a price below market value and also offered to stand as her guarantor if she needed a mortgage to purchase it.

“Frank and Elen have been apart for four years now and a buyer has been found for the property. It is time Elen took responsibility for her own family.”

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