Girl looking for ball in garden triggers booby traps

A BOMB-MAKER was discovered when a seven-year-old schoolgirl searching for her lost ball accidentally stepped on a trip-wire in her neighbour’s garden, a court heard.

Schizophrenic Donatien Se Sabi Bestrualta Chamchawala, who said America was a “Christian cesspit”, had rigged his garden with trip wires connected to explosives. He was sent to hospital indefinitely this week.

Chamchawala, of Blackwood, Caerphilly, south Wales, set up booby traps that were triggered when the child living next door went into his garden to retrieve a ball.

Cardiff Crown Court heard neighbour Craig Cheshire, his wife and children were left “terrified and paranoid” after living next door to Chamchawala.

Nicholas Jones, prosecuting, said the defendant, 31, was born with the name Andrew Webbe but changed it in 2003.

He said he chose Donatien after French author and aristocrat the Marquis de Sade, who shared the name.

He added: “Bestrualta is an anagram of ‘ultrabeast’ and Chamchawala is a character in Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses.”

Jones said: “He said in interview he identified with the character, who was a recluse.”

He said Chamchawala would often stare at Cheshire, his child and his then heavily pregnant partner from an upstairs window.

He said they could frequently smell smoke coming from the neighbouring house and Chamchawala kept his windows and doors open all year round.

Ordering Chamchawala be detained for an indeterminate period under the Mental Health Act, Recorder of Cardiff Nicholas Cooke QC said: “An interest in explosives and weapons and a difficult-to-treat psychiatric illness is a very dangerous combination.”

Jones said on one occasion children were playing in Cheshire’s garden when their ball went into the next door garden.

“They ran along side the defendant’s house. There was a loud bang that frightened the life out of the children. Police later found a trip wire set up in the defendant’s rear garden.”

He said on another occasion the family were having a barbecue when once again the ball went over the wall.

Jones said: “Mr Cheshire asked if it was OK to retrieve it. Donatien Chamchawala was in the back garden and nodded.

“The seven-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old ran out to the garden. There was a massive bang followed, a couple of seconds later, by another bang. Smoke was seen coming from the garden. The defendant calmly walked into the house.

“The children were terrified and so was Mr Cheshire and his partner.”

When police raided his house they found traces of the plastic explosive hexamethylene triperoxide diamine in various containers, including a coffee pot and an Asda vitamin bottle, he said. When questioned he said he used the explosives to try to make fireworks.

Police found books including An Anarchist’s Cookbook and The CIA Book of Dirty Tricks, Jones added.

The officers also discovered explosives and chemicals, instructions and weapons, including a sword and a machete and a great deal of Chamchawala’s writing.

The court heard the writing was “hateful towards a mixture of society” and some of it “went along the lines of ‘Jews should be killed’ and ‘America is a Christian cesspit’.”

Chamchawala admitted two counts of possessing explosives and possessing an illegal firearm.

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