London restaurant menu offers taste of polar adventurer Shackleton’s life

A RESTAURANT is offering a taste of the life of a polar adventurer with a new menu inspired by the exploits of Ernest Shackleton that packs in a mammoth 6,000 calories.

The £75 (€94) four course blow-out includes pork scratchings, a 20oz steak and “hoosh”, a thick stew eaten by the pioneering explorer, all washed down with wine, beer and an ice-cream shake.

The meal, which is being offered at the Green Door Bar and Grill in the City of London, contains three days’ worth of an adult woman’s recommended calorie intake.

But it represents the amount a seven-strong British team, hoping to complete Shackleton’s failed journey to the South Pole a century ago, must eat each day to maintain strength.

“Obviously this isn’t a meal for the faint-hearted, but I’m sure there are a few people in the City who’ll be up for the challenge,” said Henry Worsley, leader of the modern-day adventurers. “There will, of course, be honour and recognition in the case of success.”

There is a modern twist on the hoosh — while Shackleton and his men made it with penguin, the version served to 21st century diners in London will use goose.

For every meal sold, the restaurant will donate £10 (€12.56) to the Shackleton Foundation, a new charity to fund projects embodying the adventurer’s spirit and hunger for “calculated risk”.

Alexa Reid, managing director of Green Door, said: “I’ve always been a huge fan of Shackleton, and when I heard about the expedition, I thought that this would be a great way to get involved.”

Enduring -35C temperatures and 80km/h headwinds, the team will attempt to keep to the pace set by the Antarctic pioneers.

While they will have the benefits of modern equipment and navigational aids, they will not have the ponies and dogs that helped their forebears — but unlike them, they will fly out from the Pole.

Shackleton set out on the Nimrod expedition hoping to become the first person to reach the South Pole.

Although he failed, he travelled further south than anyone else had before, and was hailed a hero and knighted when he returned to Britain.

6,000 calories for dinner

This is the full 6,000-calorie menu inspired by explorer Ernest Shackleton’s exploits on offer at the Green Door Bar and Grill restaurant in London:


* Pork scratching with a sticky sweet chilli dip (1,030 calories).

* Bottle of Stella (242 calories).


*Hoosh, a stew originally prepared by Shackleton over a methylated spirit burner and consisting of goose (as a substitute for penguin), corned beef, oats, potato and seasoning (1,030 calories).

*Bottle of Stella (242 calories).

Main course

* 20oz Aberdeen Angus ribeye steak on the bone (1,040 calories).

* Cauliflower gratin (300 calories).

* Mushrooms and creamed spinach (300 calories).

* French fries (200 calories).

* 250 ml glass of red wine (160 calories).

* Coke (150 calories).


* Chocolate fondant with two scoops of vanilla ice cream (1,000 calories).

* Coconut vanilla ice-cream shake (500 calories).

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