Mills’ rant joins shortlist of best outbursts

HEATHER Mills McCartney is by no means alone when it comes to emotional outbursts on television.

Former BBC presenter David Icke told Terry Wogan’s chat show in 1991 that he had discovered he was the Son of God.

Dressed in the saviour’s chosen garments of a turquoise shell suit, Icke sat stony-faced as laughter rang out around the studio and Wogan said: “But David, they’re laughing at you, not with you.”

The Bee Gees stormed off Clive Anderson’s Channel 4 comedy show in 1996.

All seemed to be going well, with Anderson telling them: “You’re hit writers.” But he added: “Well, maybe I’m one letter short there.”

He asked if one did the music, the other the lyrics and the third, the crossword.

Bearded Barry Gibb, 61, though visibly fuming just about smiled when Anderson joked: “I didn’t realise you were real brothers, I thought you were sisters.”

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