Terrace Talk: Liverpool - With a gap this big is complacency understandable?

Look, they’re going to make this 10 times harder than it needed to be, writes Steven Kelly.

Terrace Talk: Liverpool - With a gap this big is complacency understandable?

Look, they’re going to make this 10 times harder than it needed to be.

You know it, I know it. Deep down, we’ve always known it. Sit back and strap in, there isn’t a damn thing you can do.

Relax, enjoy the fruits of the winter break. Two defeats, maybe would have been three but for Fabianski. I suppose the spotlight is always on Klopp because he’s been the poster boy for it since he came here.

But we’ve still got injuries, still look like we’re trying to conserve energy in games that haven’t been decided yet. The Norwich and West Ham performances were hardly impressive, regardless of points.

So no, we won’t be going an entire season unbeaten. We did in a way, but that doesn’t count of course. Never does, does it?

Defeat in Madrid was interesting, particularly the notion Diego had “sussed us out”.

It’s not the way Liverpool would approach a first leg tie at home, but no use bitching about that.

A surprising number of people think it’s already over. It hasn’t even been 12 months since Barcelona.

Liverpool weren’t much better against West Ham, and signs of complacency are there. A team struggling so much should not be equalising so quickly.

I’m stood on the Kop, wincing at the raucous strains of “we’re gonna win the league” all around me. I don’t know why; it was sung a lot in my youth. There were mitigating factors for that, obviously… It was funny to hear them change tune (almost literally) to “champions of the world” immediately after the Hammers’ equaliser, as though this amorphous blob of fan suddenly realised it had rattled Fortuna’s cage and needed to backtrack pronto. She’s been around a lot longer than us. You should never take the piss.

All was well eventually, which I’m saying after every win now. Performance and style have been abandoned in the tawdry haste to get things done, presumably before water levels sweep everything away or the virus takes us.

It’s weird the number of people who would rather die than see Liverpool win the league. Banter? Hmmm, if you say so.

We’ve already had ‘poor league’ thrown at us, even in a week when relegation candidates gave us three of our hardest games all season.

Even English teams’ first-leg droop in the Champions League was used snarkily, before City themselves poured cold water over that nonsense. Ah, Senor Ramos; cold revenge does indeed taste sweeter.

If the nation does grind to a halt and curtail all football activity, I’d hazard a guess that pleasure/displeasure with Liverpool’s non-title may be swiftly demoted to the bottom of the problem pile.

It’s already beginning to happen in Italy, so don’t mock.

It all made events in Watford somewhat irrelevant. When not one player shows up, just take your medicine and hope to move on.

It’s tempting to single out Lovren, since he’s the hardened criminal always lurking at the scene. This time, I’ll be charitable and say it was a complete coincidence, scout’s honour, guv.

Van Dijk was in suicidal autopilot mode and Trent’s inability to defend can’t be camouflaged by crosses forever. Even Moyes sussed it out, although afterwards there was only fulsome praise because of involvement in two of our goals. He was already getting a lesson from Deulofeu before his awful injury (he may be ex-Everton, but I’m not a savage).

What’s rotten is that just like at Norwich they were warned in the first half but this time there would be no knuckling down, just buckling under.

Is complacency understandable? Is the gap so big no-one need be too concerned yet? Yes, he said twice through gritted teeth.

Some of us have the kind of personality that sees no beauty anywhere, just dirt and derangement. I freely admit there’s a roleplay element to that, but even the cockier fans must be slightly concerned.

Embrace the dark side (cackles maniacally).

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