Terrace Talk: Nightmare avoided against United and their minnow tactics

Forget the long winning run. We will now bore you endlessly about the long unbeaten run.

Terrace Talk: Nightmare avoided against United and their minnow tactics

Forget the long winning run. We will now bore you endlessly about the long unbeaten run. I’m happy enough with that. A lot happier that I was with 10 minutes to go, I assure you.

Are these two-week breaks somehow getting even longer?

Actually, time expanded and contracted simultaneously, with the wish to get proper football back tempered by the knowledge of the next game being them. There.

You’d think it would feel better, given where we are currently and where they are. Think again.

Do you know the last time Liverpool beat them at Old Trafford without the help of penalties or Danny Murphy? 1982.

Therefore none of this was desperate voodoo, reverse jinxing; this was cold hard logic based on solid fact.

There was racism in Bulgaria, and that meant the name of Evra was trending, as I believe da kidz say. De Gea was bound to be injured, Pogba was already out. Riiiiiight… United were already poor, with the insufferable addition of being lectured by all and sundry about how they should’ve copied Klopp. One mischievous ex-Leeds/City player selected a combined XI made up entirely of Jurgen’s lads.

None of this was putting a dent in a guard which was never going to be lowered. I’ve been doing this for a lot longer than you.

Klopp referred to it all as a circus, and the construction of a banana skin. There was no mystery about who were being set up as clowns. Everyone was thwacking the wasps’ nest, hoping we’d be the ones stung.

It’s been a while since Liverpool were at the top. Talk about there to be shot at… Every single advantage of Manchester City’s has been quietly, quirkily forgotten.

Their own local press supplied a string of articles about Liverpool’s luck, City’s cruel injuries (boo and indeed hoo) and a gallery of shadowy plotters determined to ease through our inevitable triumph, including VAR. No, honestly… I’d ask where these scurvy schemers have been for 30 years, but why bring logic into it. The nonsense about the Christmas fixtures unsubtly excluded the fact Liverpool play one more game in December, adding more imbecility into the mix.

So far so predictable, but coming from people who continuously chant about us always being victims and say we’re the ones with a chip on our shoulder? The barefaced hypocrisy has become tiresome, frankly.

Nice to bring the warring factions of Manchester together in common bond. I presume our Nobel Peace Prize got lost in the post.

There was no Salah yesterday, which made little difference going on what he’s done there previously. It did highlight weaknesses on the bench, though.

For virtually the whole game Liverpool were a shadow of themselves. VAR stayed out of their goal, got involved in Mane’s. Having bust a gut laughing at others’ conspiracy theories, I won’t indulge in my own.

Atkinson has previous for meddling in our affairs I’ll admit, but for all the outrage there was little sense we’d deserved anything else. Half-time was awash with claims we could not be so bad again. Wanna bet?

The arrival of Lallana sparked groaning. I was never a massive admirer of Murphy either, so what do I know?

United’s minnow tactics and antics bemused rather than aggravated. Given how things have gone for them lately it was understandable, especially with a referee turning the blindest of eyes.

This was shaping up to be nightmarish so we can’t be anything but content with the point. Questions are always asked about Klopp using his sweatshop midfield for the biggest matches.

Then you remember the length of the unbeaten league run and figure there’s some method in the madness.

In the history of United-Liverpool games this wouldn’t even amount to a scratch. I’ve felt a lot worse than this. Mutterings and misgivings can wait until something goes seriously wrong — against somebody not in the devil’s grasp, perhaps.

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