Terrace Talk: Words which were most used? Casual, sloppy, cocky

We must be doing something right. The word ‘luck’ seems to find a new lease of life every week, where Liverpool is concerned anyway.

Terrace Talk: Words which were most used? Casual, sloppy, cocky

We must be doing something right. The word ‘luck’ seems to find a new lease of life every week, where Liverpool is concerned anyway.

How many straight wins in the league is that?

Nobody would be stupid enough to suggest they were dazzling on Saturday, but the outsider reaction tends to be gloriously demented. If you knew how much you were adding to our pleasure, you’d knock it off and adopt a new strategy.

True, we didn’t play like a team that had had a week’s rest. The Carabao Cup saw the usual eleven stiffs consisting of kids, misfits and fitness improvers. Even that didn’t really work out for Keita, who’s now a concern.

There’s always talk of youngsters who will “definitely” do this or do that. You shrug and smile indifferently while others wax lyrical about the latest batch. I’ll happily blush with embarrassment when the likes of Elliott or Brewster tear Barcelona a new one. After all, if you’d told anyone Divock Origi would do it one day… I thought it was coincidental we fielded another prospect called Chirivella but turns out it’s the same one from four years ago.

The negligence in even selecting him was exacerbated when eligibility worries emerged afterwards. Few would lose sleep if we were thrown out of the tournament, certainly not Klopp.

Seems to be an admin problem, so we can all blame the pen-pushers. How very Brexit of us.

It would be a cruel experiment on the “any trophy” brigade (to which I used to fervently belong) to observe Liverpool win just this and see how they’d react. We sacked the last manager who did, lest we forget.

Nowadays I can’t be bothered with any of it, regarding it as a tedious distraction from real football. No zealot like a convert, eh?

Anyway, Arsenal next and a convenient excuse for somebody to bow out meekly.

The rested first team seemed to be taking life easy again at Bramhall Lane. Last time we were there our old mate Warnock ran the gaff. They’ve now actually got a player called Bash’em. The more things change...

The cliched theory goes; match these teams for work-rate and the extra talent you’ve bought shines through eventually.

Felt like we were trying to conserve something for Salzburg, always a dangerous tactic. It doesn’t help when your forwards are firing blanks, if at all.

Words which were most used? Casual, sloppy, cocky. That’s apart from the usual Anglo-Saxon ones, which you can safely assume also ran up a high score.

This team always devises new ways to niggle you. Saturday saw players aiming for the corner where their keeper stood. Why bother shooting at the empty seven yards? Too easy?

Wijnaldum’s effort was the only one sweetly struck, and fortunately found the big hole in the goalie’s midriff.

Salah blew the chance to put us at our ease, but undoubtedly they’d have found some other way to pluck our nerves even at 2-0.

It was probably nothing but Firmino had the chance to send him clear again and didn’t take it.

The Mane ‘storm’ at Burnley soon blew itself out, but if the selfless Brazilian is starting to grind a similar axe, it might become a problem.

You began to wonder if it was a mistake not signing somebody in the summer, because one or two are beginning to seem overly comfortable.

Best to mark it down as an unpunished off day, which most of them had. We still had too much for efficient but limited opposition.

We’ve all had to recalibrate, watching this team win 16 league games in a row (and a European Cup) makes you increasingly wary of the trapdoor that must surely lie ahead somewhere. It’s okay saying “we won and that’s all that matters”, but there are a few players who need a good, swift kick up the arse. I’d rather Klopp administered it than another team.

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