Terrace Talk: Liverpool - Let’s blow our own trumpet for once

Three points glosses over everything. Whatever you thought about the intermittently sloppy performance, it was easily enough to beat abysmal Southampton.

Terrace Talk: Liverpool - Let’s blow our own trumpet for once

Finishing went screwy in the second half but we’d already got the two that mattered. Does anyone still think we need a ‘proper’ centre forward?

Firmino spent the time after his goal falling to the floor Kane-style, presumably having translated the old adage “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”.

He’ll find English referees a lot less simpatico to Brazilians as they are to citizens of the septic isle. No, I won’t let it lie. Seven days is too short a time to smooth that over.

The Tottenham pens row rumbled on, governing bodies admitting the ref tried to bring in VAR off his own bat — and still got it wrong.

The game exists in moral twilight, we know that, and if your hot take merely extends to “well, everybody cheats” then spare me.

When serious pundits claimed Harry Kane didn’t even dive, that’s pretty hard to swallow. England’s latest saviour should expect the odd preferential favour but this was moronic.

The FA has banned a couple of players for diving — both foreigners, naturally. It was left to Pochettino to play pantomime villain with a bold confession; cheating IS taught.

You become paranoid obviously but it felt like much of this was deemed okay because it’d made us weep.

Late last week our owners announced a season ticket ‘amnesty’. Nothing like using a criminal term to make paying customers feel loved.

With a hint/threat about photo ID, they’re trying to turn Anfield into an Orwellian cash register. What’s really at the heart of this is flushing out fans who just pay once (entry) and not twice (for food, merchandise etc).

Given the cynicism about whether Liverpool’s overlords are serious about creating a team to win trophies or just there to line their own pockets, this might be a can of worms best left unopened.

You sense we’d be better off finding something else to do. Pressing wild flowers perhaps, or running in parks like those sweaty oafs who think they’re going to live forever.

Thanks to the current travails of Chelsea we stayed third for a time, so the usually-daunting trip to Anfield South became must-win.

I refer of course to Southampton; the image of Wembley being our second home now being sepia-tinged and curling at the edges.

It’s getting so their fans will need inhalers to recover from all that booing. It wouldn’t surprise me if they sold them in the club shop.

We’re often asked if it’s hard watching Mascherano, Suarez, and Coutinho in Barcelona colours, so mocking somebody else is harsh and hypocritical. Klopp sent Lovren on when it clearly wasn’t necessary. That was brutal trolling.

I’d rather we found our own stars but that ship sailed long ago, anyone having a vaguely decent eye for talent among its passengers.

Yesterday it felt like Southampton had sold one player too many. A rare fillip from United’s result meant we needed to take advantage of the weekend fallers and Liverpool didn’t disappoint.

Were we keeping something in reserve for Champions League? Always a dangerous ploy. Having been gifted a goal we spent 40 minutes trying to gift it back. Fortunately, they weren’t good enough. Van Dijk might have hurt feelings but he’ll live and barely breaking sweat was sweet consolation.

Mane’s still not right. In fact every player seems to do the first thing which comes into his head. Spectacular when it comes off (that second goal was sublime) but frustrating the rest of the time.

This was a fine line between Liverpool professionalism and opposition mediocrity. Let’s blow our own trumpet for once. It was a display that we rarely see from the team and need an awful lot more of.

Comfortable wins against trapdoor teams are keeping the season afloat. Wednesday night will see a sterner test.

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