Terrace Talk: Liverpool - Smug Klopp’s untimely case for the defence

You can set your watch by the smarmy self-confidence of a Liverpool manager.

Terrace Talk: Liverpool - Smug Klopp’s untimely case for the defence

Asked by a journalist if the defence will get credit for its recent improvement (i.e. clean sheets against Maribor and a non-existent United attack) he replied: “It’ll never happen.”

You’re right, Jurgen. It’ll never happen.

There’s something unclean about playing anything but cup finals and internationals at Wembley. It even hosts that Steroid Dodgems the Americans call “football”.

Traditions don’t mean much nowadays. There was one consolation when enough protests stopped Arsenal-Liverpool being moved to Christmas Eve. That just triggered the really old fans who recall football matches on Christmas Day (not me, you cheeky lot) so tradition generally means how things were when you grew up.

It’s on a Friday night instead. Equally awkward and inconvenient, so talk of supporters’ ‘victory’ needs to be tempered.

When Liverpool ruled Europe, it was also straight knockout. Now we have this league rubbish. We’ve ended up in one of those daunting groups where one of the teams is bound to implode so you’re scrambling for every point going.

Not going to sniff at 7-0, though. You’d be amazed the number of neutrals pouring scorn on it; then again, maybe you wouldn’t.

We beat Besiktas 8-0 once and the next day it was reported they were being investigated for match fixing!

Look, I freely admit we’re not the Reds of old but you can thrash a team without it being a result of them being toothless yokels having a day off from the crops.

Case in point; Huddersfield beating United. There’s been mucho cackling about that. Himself’s tactics at Anfield didn’t bother me. That’s his own lookout.

Some Liverpool fans fall in line too easily, despite such transparent deflection. It’s not Klopp’s Way so naturally Mourinho’s must be filleted. Those ‘minnows’ are at Anfield next week and after the Spurs demolition, everyone might be far less jovial by then.

Besides, United shutting the game down isn’t an incentive for Klopp and apologista to claim “We could do that if we wanted to — we just don’t want to” when a huge body of evidence suggests otherwise. You’re not five years old.

With goals going in again there was a tiny hope Liverpool might do it against classier opposition. We should have known better.

Players like Kane and Alli are reminiscent of us in our glory days. Pochettino will get razzed about winning nothing yet but you’d rather be in their position than ours.

It’s becoming a bit tedious watching Liverpool create lots of chances just to score one goal but nobody’s an actual striker. You cross your fingers and if it’s our day then great. When it isn’t… Loris did make decent saves in fairness.

That still doesn’t ever prepare you for the fiasco at the other end. Milner was great in Europe, so much better than Wijnaldum was or Henderson has been. The late ‘injury’ to Gini wasn’t a shock.

Klopp often drops his favourites this way but it seems even Lovren’s worn out his patience. Miraculously Moreno hasn’t, so you do wonder what’s going through the fella’s head.

Spurs knew. They knew who and where to target and should’ve had the game over well before the briefest of red revivals. Seconds before half-time, hand them a chance for a third. Enough of that fightback nonsense; just stab yourselves in the throat.

Spurs will do that to somebody good, even without neatly wrapped presents. Caught cold in the opening 10 minutes away to one of the league’s best teams? It’s pathetic, arrogant and pathetic.

Rodgers did the same cocky dismissal of criticism as Klopp, with his “defensive coach” gag in 2015. It finished him. At least he’d had about seven or eight clean sheets to be smug about.

Liverpool games have already featured 48 goals and October’s not over. The problem’s obvious.

But then it always was.

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