St Mary's hoping to keep momentum going

League leaders St Mary's College will look to take their excellent form into the AIB Senior Cup third round on the road to Garryowen this weekend.

League leaders St Mary's College will look to take their excellent form into the AIB Senior Cup third round on the road to Garryowen this weekend.

Brothers Stuart and Barry O'Flanagan will start and lock Stephen Bradshaw will come into the second row as they look to repeat their 6-3 League win at Dooradoyle.

ST MARY’S COLLEGE (v Garryowen): S O’Flanagan; R Doherty, S Grissing, M Sexton, D Fanning; G Dunne, J Burns; C McMahon, Richard Sweeney, Robert Sweeney, G Logan, S Bradshaw, P Nash, B O’Flanagan, D Hall.

BALLYMENA (v Young Munster): J Nichol; R McBurney, M Banks, C Brigl, S Castles; R Drysdale, D O’Hara; J Smith, R Fisher, S Shawe, D Best, B Young, R Hackney, P Pritchard, S McKinney.

BELFAST HARLEQUINS (v Dolphin): M O'Hagan; R Creighton, M Allen, W Stewart, R Reaney; R Blake-Knox, D Creighton; A Alatise, R Logan, A Rankin, G Rourke, A Heatlie, A Gillespie, C Atkinson, C McCarey.

CLONTARF (v Old Belvedere): P Howard; S Carey, H Bryce, C Lett, C de Chenu; M Dufficy, S Treacy; C Kavanagh, A Dundon, B Barclay, R Bolger, B Reilly, M Garvey, E Cremin, P Mallon.

CORK CONSTITUTION (v Shannon): A N Other; R Lane, E Ryan, T Kenneally, C Healy; D Lyons, D O’Driscoll; M Gatley, R Quinn, R Hasan, B Hayes, M O’Connell, E Leamy, P O’Mahony, F Cogan.

GALWEGIANS (v UCD): M Butler; L Bibo, A Esera, D Clarke, B Lee; R Shaughnessy, K Campbell; J Stephens, C Muldoon, J Naughton, D Boyd, B McClearn, I Muldoon, L Scahill, A Olive.

OLD BELVEDERE (v Clontarf): E Devitt; D Mongan, J Kennedy, K Barden, M McAllister; C Keane, B O’Neill; V Soden, M Cooney, N Lovic, P Spivey, D Moore, D Synnott, J Risdon, L’Auva’a.

QUB (v UCC): D McIlwaine; S Campbell, J Shiels, M Pyper, M Arneill; J McKinney, I Porter; P Karayiannis, G MeGaw, M Sampson, M Ferguson, A Linton, G Hooks, M Robinson, P McGowan.

ST MARY’S COLLEGE (v Garryowen): S O’Flanagan; R Doherty, S Grissing, M Sexton, D Fanning; G Dunne, J Burns; C McMahon, Richard Sweeney, Robert Sweeney, G Logan, S Bradshaw, P Nash, B O’Flanagan, D Hall,

YOUNG MUNSTER (v Ballymena): R Moloney; A Carroll, I Cross, C Clohessy, D Corcoran; M Prendergast, T Morland; G Flaherty, G Slattery, D Murphy, K Hanley, S O’Neill, S Hassett, J O’Neill, N Melbourne.

UCC (v Queen’s University): S Scanlon; B Derham, B Dennehy, P Parfery, C Crowley; R O’Sullivan, C Nolan; G Duffy, W Falvey, W O’Donovan, P Murphy, P Donnellan, M Lenihan, S O’Sullivan, J Ryan.



NAAS (v Ards): D Ahearne; M Barton, D Droney, J Moran, B Fitzgerald; J Sheehan, J Delaney; A Shirley, J Toland, E Dalton, A Muggleton, G Rowan, R Phipps, A Kearney, J Holmes.

ARDS: M Lawton; C Agnew, S Young, A Derwin, D Armstong; S Paul, M Banford; J Wiley, C Piper, J Millar, J Dowie, J Dawson, K Heslip, K McCombe, K McIlwaine, J Hill.

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