AIB Cup starts with Donnybrook clash

The match of the day in the AIB Senior Cup takes place at Donnybrook where the tenents Bective Rangers and Old Wesley will do battle.

The match of the day in the AIB Senior Cup takes place at Donnybrook where the tenents Bective Rangers and Old Wesley will do battle.

Rangers coach Kevin Lewis will look for leadership from veteran forwards Paul Hatton and Val Baynes. Wesley could have the edge at half-back where Dave O’Leary and David Smith will pull the strings.


BECTIVE RANGERS (v Old Wesley): T Taipea; M South, M Summerell, A Kelleher, B O’Friel; C O’Beirne, D Campbell; E Hogan, R Sajur, M Harpur, J Oliver, P Hatton, M Hennelly, C Harbison, V Baynes.

OLD WESLEY: B Doherty; R Barbour, M Hastings, B Hastings, A Thompson; D Smith, D O’Leary; R Dempsey, M Crockett, J Rowe, D Wallace, P Hosie, G Whately, I Slattery, R Murphy.

DUBLIN UNIVERSITY (v Banbridge): A Wallace; C Murphy, C Colclough, R Mahon, N Hanratty; D Joyce, M McLoughlin; C Good, M Murdock, J Gethings, P Byrne, M Waters, E Molloy, J Iliff, S La Valle.

GREYSTONES (v DLSP): R Spillane; J Breslin, A Higgs, C Cleary, A Mitchell; G Jones, F Jones; B Clancy, K Moes, B Carolan, B Diaper, B Holmes, J Beary, D Fawcett, R Smyth.

NAAS (v Belfast Harlequins): E Harney; B Fitzgerald, John Delaney, M Barton, D Droney; D Aherne, Jeff Delaney: D Miley, J Toland, E Dalton, G Rowan, S Mahon, D Cox/R Phibbs, S O’Donnell, J Holmes.

TERENURE COLLEGE (v Connemara): I Denim; K Corcoran, Y Dieau, G Coffey, A Hughes; C Gildea, M Mahony; T Byrne, B Blaney, G Hamilton, A Givcal, D O’Doherty, K O’Dwyer, S Gadreau, P O’Malley.

CONNEMARA: A King; E Burke, P Madden, M Joyce, P O’Toole; S Joyce, D Keogh; K Barry, A Price, E Ferron, K Keogh, C McDonnell, D Sweeney, M O’Malley, M Coyne.

THOMOND (v Highfield): G Finucane; J English, W Kelly, G Carroll, D O’Neill; K O’Mahony, A Hartery; C Mooney, M Long, E Fraher, D O’Connell, J Ryan, L Slattery, C Lang, B Buckley,

BARNHALL (v Suttonians): G Bidieu; P Burke, E Daly, D Jameson, D Stewart; L Quinn, D Furlong; P Courtney, G Murray, C Harding, N Zagleio, P Furlong, C Feeney, J van Hout, B Dunne.

SUTTONIANS: D Walsh; D Mulligan, D Higgins, A Dodd, M O’Shea; D Farrell, J Ward; G Connolly, A Hoary, J Munro, I Whittington, A Kearney, G Flynn, J McDonagh, D O’Neill.

BRUFF (v Clonakilty): B Deady; P O’Brien, N Riordan, G Leonard, J Moore; B Cahill, T Cahill; S Foster, C O’Regan, D Horan, A Bourke, R Wall, M O’Connell, J-S Shine, M Carroll.

CLONAKILTY: A N Other; J O’Mahony, D Lynch, D Lombard, N O’Sullivan; K Morath, J Crowley; T Ryan, A Harte, J Knowles, D O’Donovan, D Whelton, G McCarthy, M O’Regan, M Keohane.

CORINTHIANS (v Wanderers): D Classens; K Russell, R Forbes, W Williams, S Quinn; S Mullally, M Roche; P McCrannor, D Barden, D Small, P Cunningham, S Murphy, R Conlon, L Carpenter, A Casanova.

WANDERERS (v Corinthians): M Boland; C Dalton, S Robertson, D O’Keeffe, P Brophy; C Warner, W Porter; H Tea, A McMahon, I Eustace, P Ryan, M Keaveney, E Nihill, P Rowe, D O’Connor.

COUNTY CARLOW (v Queen’s University): B Murphy; T McDonagh, R Stynes, M O’Neill, M Buckley; R Whyte, D Barron; N Harney, J Gorman, D Cassidy, W Whitten, D Carley, D Williamson, T Ratahi, J Nolan.

QUB: D McIlwaine; S Campbell, M Hooks, M Arneill, D Colvin; M Pyper, I Porter; P Karayiannis, G MeGaw, M Sampson, M Ferguson, A Linton, D Swann, M Robinson, T Patton.

DLSP (v Greystones): C Hickey; C Power Jnr, K Copeland, R McCabe, I O’Connor; P de Barra, J Coffey; C Lehmann, C McCabe, E O’Reilly, N O’Byrne, C Erruaght, A Foye, M Morrin, C Power Snr.

NAVAN (v Instonians): K Manning; M McCauley, D Geraghty, M Fifita, T Geraghty; R Roberts, K Mattson; E King, J McAghy, D King, S Byrne, D Crinion, F Power, T Clarke, L Jackson.

NENAGH ORMOND (v Portadown): S Carey; S Harvey, J Kingston, T Connolly, P Breen; E Gardiner, M Fogarty; M Kennedy, D Horan, F Brislane, D Gallagher, B Williams, S O’Callaghan, A Grey, E Ryan.

PORTADOWN: D Whitten; W Kelly, S Gaye, O Montels, A Brisbane; C Lawson, M Robinson; M Wilson, S Morton, R McClean, C Banks, W Graham, A Scott, S Douglas, D Pepper.

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HartePerson: J KnowlesPerson: D O’DonovanPerson: D WheltonPerson: G McCarthyPerson: M O’ReganPerson: M KeohanePerson: D ClassensPerson: K RussellPerson: R ForbesPerson: W WilliamsPerson: S QuinnPerson: S MullallyPerson: M RochePerson: PPerson: D BardenPerson: D SmallPerson: P CunninghamPerson: S MurphyPerson: R ConlonPerson: L CarpenterPerson: A CasanovaPerson: M BolandPerson: C DaltonPerson: S RobertsonPerson: D O’KeeffePerson: P BrophyPerson: C WarnerPerson: W PorterPerson: H TeaPerson: A McMahonPerson: I EustacePerson: M KeaveneyPerson: E NihillPerson: P RowePerson: D O’ConnorPerson: B MurphyPerson: T McDonaghPerson: R StynesPerson: M O’NeillPerson: M BuckleyPerson: R WhytePerson: D BarronPerson: N HarneyPerson: J GormanPerson: D CassidyPerson: W WhittenPerson: D CarleyPerson: D WilliamsonPerson: T RatahiPerson: J NolanPerson: DPerson: S CampbellPerson: M HooksPerson: M ArneillPerson: D ColvinPerson: M PyperPerson: I PorterPerson: P KarayiannisPerson: G MegawPerson: M SampsonPerson: M FergusonPerson: A LintonPerson: D SwannPerson: M RobinsonPerson: T PattonPerson: C HickeyPerson: C Power JnrPerson: K CopelandPerson: R McCabePerson: I O’ConnorPerson: P de BarraPerson: J CoffeyPerson: C LehmannPerson: C McCabePerson: E O’ReillyPerson: N O’ByrnePerson: C ErruaghtPerson: A FoyePerson: M MorrinPerson: C PowerPerson: NavanPerson: K ManningPerson: M McCauleyPerson: D GeraghtyPerson: M FifitaPerson: T GeraghtyPerson: R RobertsPerson: K MattsonPerson: E KingPerson: J McAghyPerson: D KingPerson: S ByrnePerson: D CrinionPerson: F PowerPerson: T ClarkePerson: L JacksonPerson: S CareyPerson: S HarveyPerson: J KingstonPerson: T ConnollyPerson: P BreenPerson: E GardinerPerson: M FogartyPerson: M KennedyPerson: F BrislanePerson: D GallagherPerson: B WilliamsPerson: S O’CallaghanPerson: A GreyPerson: E RyanPerson: D WhittenPerson: S GayePerson: O MontelsPerson: A BrisbanePerson: C LawsonPerson: M WilsonPerson: S MortonPerson: R McCleanPerson: C BanksPerson: W GrahamPerson: A 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