Teams announced for AIB League ties

The teams for the upcoming AIB League ties have been announced:

The teams for the upcoming AIB League ties have been announced:

Division One:

BALLYMENA (v Dungannon): D Strydom; J Topping, M Waterhouse, , J McGruggan, A Maxwell; O Edwards, D O’Hara; B Young, R Kernahan, S Shawe, H Head, B Young, A Graham, J Taggart, M McComish.

BELFAST HARLEQUINS (v Cork Constitution): J Lowe; M Kettyle, WP Strauss, G Mitchell, P McKenzie; I Humphreys, A Matchett; J Carey, R Best, D Fitzpatrick, L McGowan, M Mustchin, N Hanna, D Dougherty, C McCarey.

BUCCANEERS (v Shannon): J Meagher; S Brady, P O’Sullivan, W Wallace, C Lavelle; E Molloy, D Connellan; A Nash, G Halligan, E Bracken, N Smullen, P Myburgh, T Rciardson, E Brennan, A Hanley.

CLONTARF (v Lansdowne): D Hewitt; N O’Brien, C Mahony, S Moore, D Rossi; D McAllister, D van Zyl; J Wickham, N Carson, A O’Donnell, B Gissing, A Kearney, D Quinn, S O’Donnell, D Moore.

LANSDOWNE (v Clontarf): J Murphy; F Baynes, G Stafford, K Kennedy, I Hopkins; A N Other, S Whelan; J Lyne, K Corrigan, E Bohan, A Maher, S O’Connor, S Rooney, N Ronan, A N Other.

Division Two:

BECTIVE RANGERS (v Dolphin): T Sheehy; J Hardy, S O’Connor, A Tosh, S Doggett; F Campion, K Becker; R Maybury, A Ronan, B Crowley, J Bolger, P Hatton, D Crean, D Hall, M Hennelly.

MIDLETON (v Old Belvedere): G Colbert; K Wall, E Tobin, B Morris, K Barry; D Urlich, J Gallagher; K Brierley, J Colbert, C Condon, M Cullinane, A McCarthy, P Cullinane, P Morris, M O’Connell.

Division Three:

BRUFF (v Old Wesley): B Carroll; A O’Brien, B Deady, B Cahill, F Hogan; M Lynch, D Slavin; G Ryan, C O’Regan, R Flanagan, A Bourke, B McMahon, J O’Callaghan, A Goodman, M Carroll.

OLD WESLEY: D Smith; A Dunne, R Heap, M Heap, R Thompson; K McDowell, P Campbell; I Wallace, D Swain, C Langley, D Bursey, R Farrell, C McClean, M Brogan, K Steinbach.

CONNEMARA (v Suttonians): A Keogh; P O’Toole, M Foyle, A King, P O’Neill; F O’Rourke, D Keogh; F Wood, T King, G King, K Keogh, C McDonald, N Walsh, O Delappe, B Keaney.

SUTTONIANS: D Higgins, N Murray, R Murphy, M O’Shea, A Haier; D Walsh, V Patton; K Cowman, D Dowling, E Conroy, J McDonagh, J Finucane, D Cassidy, J Fagan J Tainui.

INSTONIANS (v Clonakilty): A McKinney; G McClintock, N Stewart, M Young, M McKeever; S Flynn, A Craig; D Brownrigg, J Craig, , G Mitchell, J Gardiner, K Morton, M Hill, C Simeon, M Smith.

SKERRIES (v Ballina): J Scanlan; D Walsh, G Duff, E Caraher, D Keane; C Keane, D Sheeran; O Ennis, R Kelleher, N Walsh, M O’Keefe, C O’Shea, T Grey, P Butler, D O’Sullivan.

WANDERERS (v Corinthians): P Noble; D O’Sullivan, R Desmond, D O’Keeffe, H Gervais; D Keegan, C Finnane; P Greene, M O’Keeffe, A Ellison, A McGuckian, V Ball, S O’Farrelly, B Baxter, J Charlie.

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CourtsRugbyHeathrowPerson: D StrydomPerson: J ToppingPerson: M WaterhousePerson: J McGrugganPerson: A MaxwellPerson: O EdwardsPerson: D O’HaraPerson: B YoungPerson: R KernahanPerson: S ShawePerson: H HeadPerson: A GrahamPerson: J TaggartPerson: M McComishPerson: J LowePerson: M KettylePerson: WP StraussPerson: G MitchellPerson: P McKenziePerson: I HumphreysPerson: A MatchettPerson: J CareyPerson: R BestPerson: D FitzpatrickPerson: L McGowanPerson: M MustchinPerson: N HannaPerson: D DoughertyPerson: C McCareyPerson: J MeagherPerson: S BradyPerson: P O’SullivanPerson: W WallacePerson: C LavellePerson: E MolloyPerson: D ConnellanPerson: A NashPerson: G HalliganPerson: E BrackenPerson: N SmullenPerson: P MyburghPerson: T RciardsonPerson: E BrennanPerson: HanleyPerson: D HewittPerson: N O’BrienPerson: C MahonyPerson: S MoorePerson: D RossiPerson: D McAllisterPerson: D van ZylPerson: J WickhamPerson: N CarsonPerson: A O’DonnellPerson: B GissingPerson: A KearneyPerson: D QuinnPerson: S O’DonnellPerson: D MoorePerson: J MurphyPerson: F BaynesPerson: G StaffordPerson: K KennedyPerson: I HopkinsPerson: A N OtherPerson: S WhelanPerson: J LynePerson: K CorriganPerson: E BohanPerson: A MaherPerson: S O’ConnorPerson: S RooneyPerson: N RonanPerson: T SheehyPerson: J HardyPerson: A ToshPerson: S DoggettPerson: F CampionPerson: K BeckerPerson: R MayburyPerson: A RonanPerson: B CrowleyPerson: J BolgerPerson: P HattonPerson: D CreanPerson: D HallPerson: M HennellyPerson: MidletonPerson: G ColbertPerson: K WallPerson: E TobinPerson: B MorrisPerson: K BarryPerson: D UrlichPerson: J GallagherPerson: K BrierleyPerson: J ColbertPerson: C CondonPerson: M CullinanePerson: A McCarthyPerson: P CullinanePerson: P MorrisPerson: M O’ConnellPerson: B CarrollPerson: A O’BrienPerson: B DeadyPerson: B CahillPerson: F HoganPerson: M LynchPerson: D SlavinPerson: G RyanPerson: C O’ReganPerson: R FlanaganPerson: A BourkePerson: B McMahonPerson: J O’CallaghanPerson: GoodmanPerson: M CarrollPerson: D SmithPerson: A DunnePerson: R HeapPerson: M HeapPerson: R ThompsonPerson: K McDowellPerson: P CampbellPerson: I WallacePerson: D SwainPerson: C LangleyPerson: D BurseyPerson: R FarrellPerson: C McCleanPerson: M BroganPerson: K SteinbachPerson: P O’ToolePerson: M FoylePerson: A KingPerson: P O’NeillPerson: F O’RourkePerson: D KeoghPerson: F WoodPerson: T KingPerson: G KingPerson: K KeoghPerson: C McDonaldPerson: N WalshPerson: O DelappePerson: B KeaneyPerson: D HigginsPerson: N MurrayPerson: R MurphyPerson: M O’SheaPerson: A HaierPerson: D WalshPerson: V PattonPerson: K CowmanPerson: D DowlingPerson: E ConroyPerson: J McDonaghPerson: J FinucanePerson: J Fagan J TainuiPerson: G McClintockPerson: N StewartPerson: M YoungPerson: M McKeeverPerson: S FlynnPerson: A CraigPerson: D BrownriggPerson: J CraigPerson: J GardinerPerson: K MortonPerson: M HillPerson: C SimeonPerson: M SmithPerson: SkerriesPerson: J ScanlanPerson: G DuffPerson: E CaraherPerson: D KeanePerson: C KeanePerson: D SheeranPerson: O EnnisPerson: R KelleherPerson: M O’KeefePerson: C O’SheaPerson: T GreyPerson: P ButlerPerson: D O’SullivanPerson: P NoblePerson: R DesmondPerson: D O’KeeffePerson: H GervaisPerson: D KeeganPerson: C FinnanePerson: P GreenePerson: M O’KeeffePerson: A EllisonPerson: A McGuckianPerson: V BallPerson: S O’FarrellyPerson: B BaxterPerson: J CharlieOrganisation: AIB LeagueOrganisation: DungannonOrganisation: Belfast HarlequinsOrganisation: Cork ConstitutionOrganisation: ShannonOrganisation: LansdowneOrganisation: ClontarfOrganisation: DolphinOrganisation: Old BelvedereOrganisation: BruffOrganisation: Old WesleyOrganisation: SuttoniansOrganisation: InstoniansOrganisation: ClonakiltyOrganisation: BallinaOrganisation: Corinthians
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