AIB League weekend team news

Teams for this weekend's AIB All-Ireland League matches.

Teams for this weekend's AIB All-Ireland League matches.


ARDS (v City of Derry): S Paul; N Beggs, S Devoy, N Stewart, R McClements; S Bell, N Hollinger; G Garrett, R Fisher, J Edwards, D Tweed, J McCaffery, M Creighton, J McDowell, M O'Shaughnessy.

BANBRIDGE (v Ballina): D Soper; A Waugh, A Finney, G Martin, C Crawford; J Britz, M Chambers; J Nelson, P Stronge, G Jelly, J Poole, M Ferguson, D Grattan, M Waugh, A Brown.

CLONAKILTY (v Skerries): D Cookson; S O'Donovan, P Dillon, D Lombard, N O'Sullivan; G Cribb, C Murphy; M Shanley, D Leek, J Knowles, M Keohane, D Whelton, D Coppinger, L Harte, J McCarthy.

SKERRIES: D Walsh; J Boland, C Whearity, G Early, D O'Sullivan; D Sheeran, G Duff; S Tanner, O Ennis, K Rooney, N Walshe, D O'Neill, P Butler, D O'Sullivan, R Kelleher.

HIGHFIELD (v Instonians): B Roche; D Buckley-Barry, R O’Donovan, T Curran, E Buckley; G Wogan, B Quinlan; D Doran, R Lankford, R Bogue, J Stephenson, C Coleman, N O’Donovan, R Cogan, A Gleeson.

INSTONIANS: A McKinney; L Brewin, D Dunlop, M McKeever, S Gardiner; S Flynn, I Knox; J Brownrigg, S Cowles, J Campbell, K Morton, J Gardiner, M Smyth, D Kennedy, M Hill/Q Caulfield.

NAAS (v Connemara): S Minoge; S Ruane, J Sheehan, B Fitzgerald, S Pringle; L Sheehan, D Ward; A Shirley, M Byrne, V Cuddihy, D Conneran, R Murphy, M Cuddihy, D Hipwell, V Ball.

PORTADOWN (v Suttonians): D Whitten; P Graham, J Cupitt, C Holmes, A Subherwal; P Hancock, B Gribben; R Woolley, C O'Kane, G Caldwell, A Morrison, K Boyce, D O’Kane, D O’Riordan, G Brown.

SUTTONIANS: S O'Dwyer; R Murphy, L Campbell, L Raisa, D Walsh; E Hogan, S Sheehan; C Kavanagh, D Dowling, K Cowman, N Hehir, C Staunton, J Finucane, S Gallagher, J McDonagh.

WANDERERS (v QUB): O Otondu; D O'Sullivan, R Kilroy, C Sowman, D Quigley; T Sampson, D Popplewell; P Green, M O'Keeffe, D Hanlon, S Bradshaw, T Magee, E Wardell, S McEntee, J Charlie.

QUB: A Kirkpatrick; S Glass, G Steenson, A Holmes, S Megaw; M Ferry, D Spence; B Patterson, R Hall, M Stokes, M Rainey, BJ Martin, T Smith, D Hall, G Moore.

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CourtsRugbyHeathrowPlace: PortadownPerson: S PaulPerson: N BeggsPerson: S DevoyPerson: N StewartPerson: R McClementsPerson: S BellPerson: N HollingerPerson: G GarrettPerson: R FisherPerson: J EdwardsPerson: D TweedPerson: J McCafferyPerson: M CreightonPerson: J McDowellPerson: M O'ShaughnessyPerson: D SoperPerson: A WaughPerson: A FinneyPerson: G MartinPerson: C CrawfordPerson: J BritzPerson: M ChambersPerson: J NelsonPerson: P StrongePerson: G JellyPerson: J PoolePerson: M FergusonPerson: D GrattanPerson: M WaughPerson: A BrownPerson: ClonakiltyPerson: D CooksonPerson: S O'DonovanPerson: P DillonPerson: D LombardPerson: N O'SullivanPerson: G CribbPerson: C MurphyPerson: M ShanleyPerson: D LeekPerson: J KnowlesPerson: M KeohanePerson: D WheltonPerson: D CoppingerPerson: L HartePerson: J McCarthyPerson: SkerriesPerson: D WalshPerson: J BolandPerson: C WhearityPerson: G EarlyPerson: D O'SullivanPerson: D SheeranPerson: G DuffPerson: S TannerPerson: O EnnisPerson: K RooneyPerson: N WalshePerson: D O'NeillPerson: P ButlerPerson: R KelleherPerson: B RochePerson: D Buckley-BarryPerson: R O’DonovanPerson: T CurranPerson: E BuckleyPerson: G WoganPerson: B QuinlanPerson: D DoranPerson: R LankfordPerson: R BoguePerson: J StephensonPerson: C ColemanPerson: N O’DonovanPerson: R CoganPerson: A GleesonPerson: L BrewinPerson: D DunlopPerson: M McKeeverPerson: S GardinerPerson: S FlynnPerson: I KnoxPerson: J BrownriggPerson: S CowlesPerson: J CampbellPerson: K MortonPerson: J GardinerPerson: M SmythPerson: D KennedyPerson: M Hill/Q CaulfieldPerson: S MinogePerson: S RuanePerson: J SheehanPerson: B FitzgeraldPerson: S PringlePerson: L SheehanPerson: D WardPerson: A ShirleyPerson: M ByrnePerson: V CuddihyPerson: D ConneranPerson: R MurphyPerson: M CuddihyPerson: D HipwellPerson: V BallPerson: D WhittenPerson: P GrahamPerson: J CupittPerson: C HolmesPerson: A SubherwalPerson: P HancockPerson: B GribbenPerson: R WoolleyPerson: C O'KanePerson: G CaldwellPerson: A MorrisonPerson: K BoycePerson: D O’KanePerson: D O’RiordanPerson: G BrownPerson: SUTTONIANSPerson: S O'DwyerPerson: L CampbellPerson: L RaisaPerson: E HoganPerson: S SheehanPerson: C KavanaghPerson: D DowlingPerson: K CowmanPerson: N HehirPerson: C StauntonPerson: J FinucanePerson: S GallagherPerson: J McDonaghPerson: O OtonduPerson: R KilroyPerson: C SowmanPerson: D QuigleyPerson: T SampsonPerson: D PopplewellPerson: P GreenPerson: M O'KeeffePerson: D HanlonPerson: S BradshawPerson: T MageePerson: E WardellPerson: S McEnteePerson: J CharliePerson: A KirkpatrickPerson: S GlassPerson: G SteensonPerson: A HolmesPerson: S MegawPerson: M FerryPerson: D SpencePerson: B PattersonPerson: R HallPerson: M StokesPerson: M RaineyPerson: BJ MartinPerson: T SmithPerson: D HallPerson: G MooreEvent: AIB LeagueEvent: AIB All-Ireland LeagueOrganisation: ArdsOrganisation: City of DerryOrganisation: BallinaOrganisation: SkerriesOrganisation: InstoniansOrganisation: Suttonians

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