Trimble comes in for Ballymena

Former Ireland Schools international Andrew Trimble will join Huw Jones in the centre for Ballymena’s Ulster derby with Dungannon in Division One of the AIB League at Eaton Park on Saturday.

Former Ireland Schools international Andrew Trimble will join Huw Jones in the centre for Ballymena’s Ulster derby with Dungannon in Division One of the AIB League at Eaton Park on Saturday.

Ian Humphreys, younger brother to David, will be at out-half and there is a settled look to the pack.

BALLYMENA (v Dungannon): M Waterhouse; D Strydom, A Trimble, H Jones, A Maxwell; I Humphreys, P Spence; S McConnell, S Rodgers, B Young, D McCartney, D O' Kane, A Graham, J Taggart, M McComish.

Belfast Harlequins will travel to Castle Avenue with Willem Slabbert and Reece Spee as their two main strike weapons in behind a diligent set of forwards.

BELFAST HARLEQUINS (v Clontarf): J Lowe; W Slabbert, S Wilson, G Mitchell, C Atkinson; A Derwin, R Spee; J Carey, R Best, S Shawe, L Stevenson, L McGowan, D Barbour, P Minnis, C McCarey.

Carlow will entertain Galwegians at Oak Park with Tomas Bonnefoy retained at full back and Nigel Peavoy and Shannon Brown situated in the back row.

COUNTY CARLOW (v Galwegians): T Bonnefoy; M Buckley, I Dwyer, M Swetman, M Logue; B Young, D van Zyl; P Brennan, C Gee, K Corrigan, L O'Byrne, P Holden, D Cox, N Peavoy, S Brown.



BARNHALL (v Old Belvedere): M Lax; R Gregg, M O'Reilly, G Browne, P Burke; C Burke, E Burke; P Sewell, H Hodgson, P O’Sullivan, C O'Mangain, D Dunne, J Lark, B Murray, B Dunne.

DLSP (v Bective Rangers): P de Barra; C Hickey, M Vioreanu, D McCabe, F Cooney; S Broughton, B Hogan; M Kavanagh, A Davies, K Taite, N O’Byrne, P Lennon, C Power, J Jones, D O'Brien.

DUBLIN UNIVERSITY (v Terenure College): T Horner; P Howard, B Hastings, J Quigley, F Keane; K McGowan, C McShane; N Conlon, M Crokett, F Gainer, M Garvey, M Warburton, A N Other, H Hogan, J Heaslip.

UCC (v Thomond): D Hurley; P Hurley, C Quaid, J O’Flynn, D Fitzgerald; B Keeshan, F Murphy; F Gately, R Quinn, V Soden, A Laffin, D Ryan, R Noonan/S O'Connell, D O’Neill, H O'Flynn.


ARDS (v Portadown): S Paul; N Beggs, S Devoy, N Stewart, R McClements; S Bell, N Hollinger; G Garrett, R Fisher, J Edwards, D Tweed, J McCaffery, M Creighton, J McDowell, M O'Shaughnessy.

PORTADOWN: D Whitten; G McCluskey, J Cupitt, C Holmes, A Subherwal; P Hancock, B Gribben; R Woolley, P Curry, G Caldwell, A Morrison, K Boyce, D O’Kane, D O’Riordan, G Brown.

CITY Of DERRY (v Highfield): I Orr; B Peoples, R Allen, D Brown, R Campbell; R McCarter, S Smyth; D Witherow, J Mitchell, A Jackson, B Prue, S Corr, N Stewart, M Black, K Gallick.

INSTONIANS (v Greystones): A McKinney; L Brewin, D Dunlop, M McKeever, P O’Gorman; S Flynn, I Knox; D Brownrigg, S Cowles, J Campbell, K Morton, J Gardiner, M Smyth, D Kennedy, M Hill/Q Caulfield.

OLD WESLEY (v QUB): R Thompson; D Campbell, R O'Connor, A Dunne, D Webb; B Hogan, K Southern; I Wallace, C Roche, L Hannon, D Bursey, R Farrell, S Melville, J Sharpe, K Steinbach.

SKERRIES (v Wanderers): D Walsh; J Boland, C Whearity, G Early, D O'Sullivan; D Sheeran, G Duff; S Tanner, O Ennis, K Rooney, N Walshe, D O'Neill, P Butler, D O'Sullivan, R Kelleher.

WANDERERS: O Otondo; D O'Sullivan, J Ferris, N Osbourne, D Quigley; T Sampson, D Popplewell; P Greene, M O'Keeffe, D Hanlon, T Magee, S Bradshaw, E Wardell, H Gervais, J Charlie.

SUTTONIANS (v Clonakilty): S O'Dwyer; R Murphy, L Campbell, L Raisa, D Walsh; E Hogan, S Sheehan; K Cowman, D Dowling, M Flood, E Sheridan, N Hehir, J Finucane, J McDonagh, S Livingston.

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