AIL team line-ups announced

The team line-ups for tomorrow's AIL League games have been announced.

The team line-ups for tomorrow's AIL League games have been announced.


BELFAST HARLEQUINS (v Clontarf): R Collins; S Coulter, G Mitchell, R Botha, J Lowe; A Derwin, S Clancy; C Boyd, R Best, S Best, D Barbour, A Emerson, C McCarey, P Minnis, R Wilson.

CARLOW (v UCD): B Murphy; M Logue, I Dwyer, R Armstrong, M Buckley; G Jacob, D van Zyl; P Brennan/K Ashmore, C Gee, L O'Byrne, P Holden, R Sheriff, D Cox, M Cooke, A Melville.

LANSDOWNE (v Dungannon): B O'Mahony; K Becker, A Magro, K Kennedy, F Baynes; M Leek, S Whelan; E Bohan, R Fallon, A McKeen, S O'Connor, B Cusack, J O'Donovan, L Toland, S Rooney.

UL-BOHEMIAN (v St Mary's College): C Garvey; N Lutman, K Matthews, C Finn, P Treacy; I Costello, D Malone; M Harty, G Ryan, S O'Gorman, J O'Connell, B Dineen, J O'Neill, P van Esbeck, A Hartigan.


BALLYNAHINCH (v Dolphin): J Cullen; G Kyle, D Cantley, W Williams, S Seymour; D Harris, J Manning; T Morton, B Leslie, L Johnston, G Rourke, J Gunson, R Criag, D Dougherty, N McCordick.

DOLPHIN: M Pettman; S O'Halloran, B O'Neill, M Manning, D Keeshan; J O'Mahony, D O'Mahony; E Knowles, D O'Farrell, J O'Sullivan, R McGrath, D Pomeroy, S Madigan, D Murphy, J Coughlan.

BECTIVE RANGERS (v Old Crescent): C McCarville; D Campion, C Twomey, C Curley, J Hardy; F Campion, D Mescal; D Lillis, P Whately, B Crowley, D Hall, J Bolger, P Kelly, M Hennelly, P Hatton.

DLSP (v Portadown): E Devitt; C Hickey, K Lillis, D McCabe, M Vioreanu; S Broughton, B Hogan; K Condron, B O'Loughlin, K Taite, P McDonnell, S Kavanagh, S Sarsfield, D Maher, D O'Brien.

PORTADOWN: G Lyttle; P Graham, P McGrann, J Cupitt, R Allen; P Hancock, B Gribben; M Wright, C O'Kane, R Woolley, N Beukes, A Morrison, S Lamb, K Boyce, G Brown.

DUBLIN UNIVERSITY (v Thomond): F Keane; S Magee, B Kinsella, J Quigley, D St George; D Crotty, M McCluggage; C Sheehy, K Murphy, S Brophy, A Maher, P Lennon, M Garvey, H Hogan, J Heaslip.

MIDLETON (v Old Belvedere): G Donald; K Wall, M Colbert, D Smyth, K Barry; D Urlich, W Dunne; P Smyth, D Lee, K Brierly, M Cullinane, P Cullinane, B O'Connell, M O'Connell, S Buckley.

UCC (v Greystones): P O'Brien; R Lane, C O'Sullivan, K Lucey, P Hurley; C Quaid, F Murphy; F Gately, J Rothwell, M Barrett, A Laffin, M Harty, M Cosgrave, N O'Donovan, S Keogh.


BANBRIDGE (v Naas): D Soper; R Best, C Crawford, A Finney, T Sneddon; S Wilson, M Chambers; J Nelson, A Stewart, G Jelly, J Poole, S Nelson, J Cromie, M Waugh, C Bickerstaff.

CONNEMARA (v QUB): D Keogh; D Joyce, A Keogh, M Walsh, J Casey; A King, K Clancy; B Flaherty, T King, F Woods, F Madden, K Keogh, B Keaney, N Walsh, O De Lapp.

MONKSTOWN (v Highfield): G McWilliams; S Brady, D Finn, R McInerney, P Bolger; R Vance, D Morris; J Keely, K Mahony, A Roberts, F McKenna, K McDonnell, S Alley, K Strecker, J Mahon.

SKERRIES (v Old Wesley): C Keane; D Keane, G Early, E Caraher, P Tanner; D Sheeran, G Duff; P O'Connor, R Power, K Rooney, K Dowling, C O'Shea, N Walsh, P Butler, J Sherlock.

OLD WESLEY: B Hogan; S Johnston, R O'Connor, M Smyth, M Lavelle; E Hogan, P Campbell; I Wallace, M Crokett, S Kinlan, B Lowe, V Ryan, S Melville, J Sharpe, K Steinbach.

SUTTONIANS (v Wanderers): D Mulligan; J Walsh, C Cassidy, D O'Donovan, D Walsh; E Molloy, V Patton; D Dowling, J O'Callaghan, M Flood, D Murray, J Finucane, D McDonagh, J McDonagh, D Cassidy.

WANDERERS: S Bowen; D O'Sullivan, G Murphy, D O'Keeffe, M Culhane; T Sampson, C Finane; A Ellison, B Cantrell, D Hanlon, N Culliton, T Magee, J Dalton, S McEntee, J Charlie.

WATERPARK (v Instonians): G Conway; M O'Grady, B Liddy, D Cruickshank, C Phelan; C Stunnell, J Gallagher; P Murphy, K Taylor, C Condon, J Duffy, P McGovern, N Power, J Dickson, G Tuohy.

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