Div 2, 3 teams announced

There are no AIB All-Ireland League Division One matches this weekend, but there is a full programme of Division Two and Three fixtures.

There are no AIB All-Ireland League Division One matches this weekend, but there is a full programme of Division Two and Three fixtures.


BECTIVE RANGERS (v Ballynahinch): D Lyons; B Brown, C Curley, C Twomey, J Hardy; F Campion, G Fitzgerald; R Maybury, P Whately, P Lillis, J Bolger, F Lennon, P Kelly, J Downey, P Hatton.

GREYSTONES (v Barnhall): R Spillane; C McNaughton, K Shepherd, E O'Brien, Conor McNaughton; R Spillane, S Scanlan; N Hopkins, G O'Hanlon, M Phelan, G Murphy, N Megannety, N Beuck, P Dunne, D McGettigan.

DLSP (v Dublin University): E Devitt; M McGuinness, B Olsen, D McCabe, M Vioreanu; S Broughton, B.Hogan; M Kavanagh, A Davies, K Taite, S Kavanagh, P McDonnell, A Toher, S Sarsfield, D O'Brien.

DUBLIN UNIVERSITY: A Howell; F Keane, D St George, J Quigley, E Magee; D Crotty, M McCluggage; C Sheehy, K Murphy, S Brophy, A Maher, P Lennon, M Garvey, P Raftery, J Heaslip.

DOLPHIN (v UCC): M Pettman; S O'Halloran, B O'Neill, M Manning/C Cronin, L Twomey, J O'Mahony, K Murphy; E Knowles, D O'Farrell, J O'Sullivan, R McGrath, D Pomeroy, S Madigan, D Murphy, J Coughlan.

UCC: P O'Brien; R Lane, B Clifford, K Lucey, D Fitzgerald; C Quaid/B Keeshan, F Murphy; F Gately, J Rothwell, S O'Connell, A Laffin, D Harty, D Leamy, N O'Donovan, S Keogh.

MIDLETON (v Portadown): L O'Toole; M Colbert, K Barry, D Smyth, K Wall; G Donald, D Urlich; P Smyth, D Lee, K Brierly, M Cullinane, A McCarthy, M O'Connell, D Lane, B O'Connell.


BALLINA (v Highfield): G Peterson; L Brady, D Newman, G McDonnell, D Brady; C Anderson, P Jennings; J Screene, B Barrett, C Kinsey, R Sheehan, A Moss, M Sheehan, S Edwards, G Frith.

BANBRIDGE (v QUB): D Soper; M Chambers, C Crawford, A Finney, T Sneddon; S Wilson, J Dodds; J Nelson, A Stewart, G Jelly, C Bickerstaff, S Nelson, P Stronge, J Cromie, A Brown.

INSTONIANS (v Clonakilty): I Knox; S Gardiner, A Hamlin, D Rumney, D Dunlop; S Flynn, K Hillman; C Schofield, M McLachlin, J Campbell, K Morton, Q Caulfield, D Kennedy, M Lyttle, J Gardiner.

SUTTONIANS (v Naas): J Walsh; L Campbell, E Molloy, D O'Donovan, D Mulligan; N McCann, V Patton; K Cowman, D Dowling, S English, J Finucane, N Hehir, D McDonagh, J McDonagh, D Cassidy.

SKERRIES (v Monkstown): M Hewitt; P Tanner, E Caraher, G Early, D Keane; C Keane, G Duff; K Rooney, P Grimes, P O'Connor, K Dowling, C O'Shea, N Walsh, P Butler, T Grey.

OLD WESLEY (v Waterpark): B Hogan; R Thompson. , R O'Connor, M Smyth, R M cNaughton; E Hogan, P Campbell; S Kinlan, M Crokett, I Wallace,V Ryan, R Farrell, S Wallace, J Sharpe, K Steinbach.

WATERPARK: G Conway; E Tobin, C Phelan, D Cruickshank, M O'Grady; C Stunnell, J Gallagher; P Murphy, K Taylor, C Condon, J Duffy, P McGovern, N Power, J Dickson, G Tuohy.

WANDERERS (v City of Derry): S Bowen; D O'Sullivan, D O'Keeffe, N Osbourne, M Culhane; T Sampson, A Smyth; E Hoffman, B Cantrell, A Ellison, T Magee, J Dalton, N Culleton, J Charlie, E Wardell.

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CourtsRugbyHeathrowPerson: BECTIVE RANGERSPerson: D LyonsPerson: B BrownPerson: C CurleyPerson: C TwomeyPerson: J HardyPerson: F CampionPerson: G FitzgeraldPerson: R MayburyPerson: P WhatelyPerson: P LillisPerson: J BolgerPerson: F LennonPerson: P KellyPerson: J DowneyPerson: P HattonPerson: GREYSTONESPerson: R SpillanePerson: C McNaughtonPerson: K ShepherdPerson: E O'BrienPerson: Conor McNaughtonPerson: S ScanlanPerson: N HopkinsPerson: G O'HanlonPerson: M PhelanPerson: G MurphyPerson: N MegannetyPerson: N BeuckPerson: P DunnePerson: D McGettiganPerson: E DevittPerson: M McGuinnessPerson: B OlsenPerson: D McCabePerson: M VioreanuPerson: S BroughtonPerson: B.HoganPerson: M KavanaghPerson: A DaviesPerson: K TaitePerson: S KavanaghPerson: P McDonnellPerson: A ToherPerson: S SarsfieldPerson: D O'BrienPerson: A HowellPerson: F KeanePerson: D St GeorgePerson: J QuigleyPerson: E MageePerson: D CrottyPerson: M McCluggagePerson: C SheehyPerson: K MurphyPerson: S BrophyPerson: A MaherPerson: P LennonPerson: M GarveyPerson: P RafteryPerson: J HeaslipPerson: M PettmanPerson: S O'HalloranPerson: B O'NeillPerson: M ManningPerson: C CroninPerson: L TwomeyPerson: J O'MahonyPerson: E KnowlesPerson: D O'FarrellPerson: J O'SullivanPerson: R McGrathPerson: D PomeroyPerson: S MadiganPerson: D MurphyPerson: J CoughlanPerson: P O'BrienPerson: R LanePerson: B CliffordPerson: K LuceyPerson: D FitzgeraldPerson: C QuaidPerson: B KeeshanPerson: F MurphyPerson: F GatelyPerson: J RothwellPerson: S O'ConnellPerson: A LaffinPerson: D HartyPerson: D LeamyPerson: N O'DonovanPerson: S KeoghPerson: MidletonPerson: L O'ToolePerson: M ColbertPerson: K BarryPerson: D SmythPerson: K WallPerson: G DonaldPerson: D UrlichPerson: P SmythPerson: D LeePerson: K BrierlyPerson: M CullinanePerson: A McCarthyPerson: M O'ConnellPerson: D LanePerson: B O'ConnellPerson: DIVISION THREEPerson: BallinaPerson: G PetersonPerson: L BradyPerson: D NewmanPerson: G McDonnellPerson: D BradyPerson: C AndersonPerson: P JenningsPerson: J ScreenePerson: B BarrettPerson: C KinseyPerson: R SheehanPerson: A MossPerson: M SheehanPerson: S EdwardsPerson: G FrithPerson: D SoperPerson: M ChambersPerson: C CrawfordPerson: A FinneyPerson: T SneddonPerson: S WilsonPerson: J DoddsPerson: J NelsonPerson: A StewartPerson: G JellyPerson: C BickerstaffPerson: S NelsonPerson: P StrongePerson: J CromiePerson: A BrownPerson: I KnoxPerson: S GardinerPerson: A HamlinPerson: D RumneyPerson: D DunlopPerson: S FlynnPerson: K HillmanPerson: C SchofieldPerson: M McLachlinPerson: J CampbellPerson: K MortonPerson: Q CaulfieldPerson: D KennedyPerson: M LyttlePerson: J GardinerPerson: SUTTONIANSPerson: J WalshPerson: L CampbellPerson: E MolloyPerson: D O'DonovanPerson: D MulliganPerson: N McCannPerson: V PattonPerson: K CowmanPerson: D DowlingPerson: S EnglishPerson: J FinucanePerson: N HehirPerson: D McDonaghPerson: J McDonaghPerson: D CassidyPerson: M HewittPerson: P TannerPerson: E CaraherPerson: G EarlyPerson: D KeanePerson: C KeanePerson: G DuffPerson: K RooneyPerson: P GrimesPerson: P O'ConnorPerson: K DowlingPerson: C O'SheaPerson: N WalshPerson: P ButlerPerson: T GreyPerson: OLD WESLEYPerson: B HoganPerson: R ThompsonPerson: R O'ConnorPerson: M SmythPerson: R M cNaughtonPerson: E HoganPerson: P CampbellPerson: S KinlanPerson: M CrokettPerson: I WallacePerson: V RyanPerson: R FarrellPerson: S WallacePerson: J SharpePerson: K SteinbachPerson: G ConwayPerson: E TobinPerson: C PhelanPerson: D CruickshankPerson: M O'GradyPerson: C StunnellPerson: J GallagherPerson: P MurphyPerson: K TaylorPerson: C CondonPerson: J DuffyPerson: P McGovernPerson: N PowerPerson: J DicksonPerson: G TuohyPerson: S BowenPerson: D O'SullivanPerson: D O'KeeffePerson: N OsbournePerson: M CulhanePerson: T SampsonPerson: A SmythPerson: E HoffmanPerson: B CantrellPerson: A EllisonPerson: T MageePerson: J DaltonPerson: N CulletonPerson: J CharliePerson: E WardellEvent: All-Ireland League Division OneOrganisation: AIBOrganisation: BallynahinchOrganisation: BarnhallOrganisation: DLSPOrganisation: Dublin UniversityOrganisation: UCCOrganisation: PortadownOrganisation: HighfieldOrganisation: QUBOrganisation: InstoniansOrganisation: MonkstownOrganisation: WaterparkOrganisation: City of Derry

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