Lions ready for Ulster in U-20 decider

LEINSTER bid for the U-20 Interprovincial title at Dubarry Park, Athlone tomorrow (4pm) in a must-win game against an Ulster side who have won all three games so far.

Munster, after a disappointing campaign in which they were thrashed by Leinster and well beaten by Ulster, fight Connacht for third place at the same venue (2pm).

Connacht, however, believe they have a chance. Selector Sean Brennan pointed out: “I think the team progressed and developed with each of our games. I believe we have a chance of producing a surprise result.”

Connacht are also in action at provincial “A” level, taking on Leinster in Barnhall this afternoon.

Munster take on Leinster U-19s at Donnybrook later today, while the Youths side (U-18) meet Leinster at Thomond Park tomorrow (1pm).

LEINSTER ‘A’ (v Connacht): R. McCarron, S. Grissing, F. McFadden, J. Power, F. Carr, A. Dunne, A. D’Arcy, J. Wickham, B. Blaney, R. Sweeney, D. Dillon, D. Toner, C. Potts, J. Donovan, R. Leyden.

Replacements: P. Doran-Jones, C. Culleton, A. Dunlop, D. Laffan, D. Coughlan, J. Sexton, C. McNaughton.

LEINSTER U-19 (v Munster, Donnybrook, tonight 5.30pm): K. Manning, D. Wildes, G. Boland, S. Nelson, P. Brophy, M. Geraghty, K. Greene, J. Rowe, C. Egan, P. McCabe, B. Cawley, K. Bracken, W. Earle, P. Ryan, R. McAuley.

Replacements: B. Barclay, C. O’Shea, G. Tully, C. McGinn, J. Iliff, D. Moore, L. Kavanagh, D. Mongan.

MUNSTER U-19: R. Mullane, B. Derham, M. Kinsella, E. Broderick, D. McMahon, S. Deasy, S. Costigan, M. Moynihan, M. Sherry, T. Burke, D. Foley, J. Griffin, L. Murphy, K. Essex, J. O’Neill.

Replacements to be announced today.

LEINSTER YOUTHS: (v Munster, Thomond Park, tomorrow 1pm): C. Brady, G. Dooley, E. Sheridan, E. Conran, G. Nyawata, R. Stynes, G. Kennedy, D. O’Byrne, D. O’Beirne, R. Donnelly, C. Leavy, G. Whately, J. Dever, D. Williamson, C. Smyth.

Replacements: P. Beatty, R. Dufficy, B. Hadden, S. O’Meara, L. Quinn, G. Green, E. Daly.

MUNSTER YOUTHS: O. Reece, P. Denn, D. O’Sullivan, D. Barns, J. Deasy, C. Downes, D. Harris, G. O’Mahony, P. Molloy, G. Duffy, M. Lenihan, H. Keenan, P. Cleary, L. Toland, J. Harney.

Replacements:. G. Carroll, D. Fogarty, B. Walsh, P. Cleary, D. McCormack, T. Quirke, G. Bolger.

LEINSTER U-20 (v Ulster, Athlone, tomorrow 4pm): F. Jones, S. Monaghan, E. O’Malley, E. Fleck, V. Artemiev, I. Keatley, P. O’Donoghue, C. Healy, R. Sweeney, J. Hagan, R. Copeland, C. McInerney, K. Gallivan, S. O’Brien, Z. Farivarz.

Replacements from: D. Gilchrist, R. Murphy, B. Cawley, P. Ryan, B. Wojnar, S. Cranley, M. O’Neill, B. Collins, C. Byrne.

ULSTER U-20: O. McMurray, M. Barker, D. Cave, I. Whitten, C. Bruce, N. O’Connor, D. Drake, M. Ferguson, S. Douglas, N. Simpson, J. McCullough, C. Napier, T. Anderson, J. Graham, D. Pollock.

Replacements: S. Sloan, P. Karayiannis, C. Smyth, D. Johnston, J. Smith, S. Morrow, M. Pyper.

MUNSTER U-20: M. Skelton, E. Torrie, K. Earls, T. Keneally, W. Staunton, R. O’Sullivan, P. Rowley, B Rowley, A. O’Driscoll, R. Wilmot, N. Keogh, R. McCarthy, T. O’Donnell, S. O’Sullivan, S. Hassett.

Replacements: G. Slattery, R. O’Neill, C. McNamara, R. Allen, D. Farrell, J. Power, B. Dennehy.

CONNACHT U-20: S. Carey, K. O’Reilly, P. Harte, A. N. Other, A. Gaughan, A. Wynn, C. Sheridan, R. Gillespie, G. Kelly, S. Henry, J. Wilson, A. Browne, P. Loughnane, M. Staunton, R. Connor.

Replacements: D. Kelly, S. Stapleton, P. Burke, M. Coyne, R. Shaughnessy, R. O’Beirne, P. Madden.

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CourtsRugbyPlace: Dubarry ParkPlace: AthlonePlace: BarnhallPlace: DonnybrookPlace: Thomond ParkPerson: Sean BrennanPerson: R. McCarronPerson: S. GrissingPerson: F. McFaddenPerson: J. PowerPerson: F. CarrPerson: A. DunnePerson: A. D’ArcyPerson: J. WickhamPerson: B. BlaneyPerson: R. SweeneyPerson: D. DillonPerson: D. TonerPerson: C. PottsPerson: J. DonovanPerson: R. LeydenPerson: P. Doran-JonesPerson: C. CulletonPerson: A. DunlopPerson: D. LaffanPerson: D. CoughlanPerson: J. SextonPerson: C. McNaughtonPerson: K. ManningPerson: D. WildesPerson: G. BolandPerson: S. NelsonPerson: P. BrophyPerson: M. GeraghtyPerson: K. GreenePerson: J. RowePerson: C. EganPerson: P. McCabePerson: B. CawleyPerson: K. BrackenPerson: W. EarlePerson: P. RyanPerson: R. McAuleyPerson: B. BarclayPerson: C. O’SheaPerson: G. TullyPerson: C. McGinnPerson: J. IliffPerson: D. MoorePerson: L. KavanaghPerson: D. MonganPerson: R. MullanePerson: B. DerhamPerson: M. KinsellaPerson: E. BroderickPerson: D. McMahonPerson: S. DeasyPerson: S. CostiganPerson: M. MoynihanPerson: M. SherryPerson: T. BurkePerson: D. FoleyPerson: J. GriffinPerson: L. MurphyPerson: K. EssexPerson: J. O’NeillPerson: C. BradyPerson: G. DooleyPerson: E. SheridanPerson: E. ConranPerson: G. NyawataPerson: R. StynesPerson: G. KennedyPerson: D. O’ByrnePerson: D. O’BeirnePerson: R. DonnellyPerson: C. LeavyPerson: G. WhatelyPerson: J. DeverPerson: D. WilliamsonPerson: C. SmythPerson: P. BeattyPerson: R. DufficyPerson: B. HaddenPerson: S. O’MearaPerson: L. QuinnPerson: G. GreenPerson: E. DalyPerson: O. ReecePerson: P. DennPerson: D. O’SullivanPerson: D. BarnsPerson: J. DeasyPerson: C. DownesPerson: D. HarrisPerson: G. O’MahonyPerson: P. MolloyPerson: G. DuffyPerson: M. LenihanPerson: H. KeenanPerson: P. ClearyPerson: L. TolandPerson: J. HarneyPerson: G. CarrollPerson: D. FogartyPerson: B. WalshPerson: D. McCormackPerson: T. QuirkePerson: G. BolgerPerson: F. JonesPerson: S. MonaghanPerson: E. O’MalleyPerson: E. FleckPerson: V. ArtemievPerson: I. KeatleyPerson: P. O’DonoghuePerson: C. HealyPerson: J. HaganPerson: R. CopelandPerson: C. McInerneyPerson: K. GallivanPerson: S. O’BrienPerson: Z. FarivarzPerson: D. GilchristPerson: R. MurphyPerson: B. WojnarPerson: M. O’NeillPerson: B. CollinsPerson: C.Person: O. McMurrayPerson: D. CavePerson: I. WhittenPerson: C. BrucePerson: N. O’ConnorPerson: D. DrakePerson: M. FergusonPerson: S. DouglasPerson: N. SimpsonPerson: J. McCulloughPerson: C. NapierPerson: T. AndersonPerson: J. GrahamPerson: D. PollockPerson: S. SloanPerson: P. KarayiannisPerson: D. JohnstonPerson: J. SmithPerson: S. MorrowPerson: M. SkeltonPerson: E. TorriePerson: K. EarlsPerson: T. KeneallyPerson: W. StauntonPerson: R. O’SullivanPerson: P. RowleyPerson: B RowleyPerson: A. O’DriscollPerson: R. WilmotPerson: N. KeoghPerson: R. McCarthyPerson: T. O’DonnellPerson: S. O’SullivanPerson: S. HassettPerson: G. SlatteryPerson: R. O’NeillPerson: C. McNamaraPerson: R. AllenPerson: D. FarrellPerson: B. DennehyPerson: S. CareyPerson: K. O’ReillyPerson: P. HartePerson: A. N. OtherPerson: A. GaughanPerson: A. WynnPerson: C. SheridanPerson: R. GillespiePerson: G. KellyPerson: S. HenryPerson: J. WilsonPerson: A. BrownePerson: P. LoughnanePerson: M. StauntonPerson: R. ConnorPerson: D. KellyPerson: S. StapletonPerson: P. BurkePerson: M. CoynePerson: R. ShaughnessyPerson: R. O’BeirnePerson: P. MaddenEvent: U-20 InterprovincialEvent: U-Organisation: UlsterOrganisation: MunsterOrganisation: LeinsterOrganisation: ConnachtOrganisation: Leinster U-19sOrganisation: U-18Organisation: U-19Organisation: U-20Organisation: Athlone

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