Worrying rise in GAA hip surgery claims

The GAA has reported a worrying growth in the number of insurance claims for hip surgery in the latter half of 2013.

The Association’s insurance officer Sinéad Quinn described as “concerning” the rise in those players seeking operations not just on one hip, but two.

Even more alarming is the personal cost to players. The player insurance scheme covers up to €4,500 for surgery with a double operation coming in at around €10,300.

As the majority of players don’t have private insurance, they are left to foot the remainder of their medical bill.

“Over the last six months of last year, we’re seeing a lot of young players going for hip or double hip surgery with ages under 25 never mind under 30,” said Quinn.

“We’re seeing a trend of players who were going for one hip operation now having the other hip done as well. 10 were provisionally reported as one but have since become two.

“In many cases, the medical advice they’re getting is if they’re having one done they must also have the other operated. It remains to be seen just how many more players will have to get the two done.”

At inter-county level, there has been a noticeably high number of footballers undergoing hip operations. Cork’s Patrick Kelly, Damien Cahalane and Jamie O’Sullivan as well as a trio of Kildare players have all gone recently gone under the knife. Earlier this week, Dublin’s Eoghan O’Gara spoke of his double hip operation last year.


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