Kilkenny ace TD Reid lashes out at one-on-one penalty experiment

TJ Reid has hit out at the GAA’s decision to experiment with one-on-one penalty taking in the pre-season competitions. Reid had perfected a similar penalty taking style to Cork keeper Anthony Nash which was ultimately outlawed last year, paving the way for the current striker versus goalkeeper experiment.

TJ Reid: Received four stitches in a challenge.

He said he would have favoured keeping three players on the line for penalties and restricting the attacker to striking from 18 or 19 metres.

“I just think, as it is, if you’re in goal and if I’m taking the penalty and if I strike it any way decent at all, I think the goalie is not going to have much chance,” he said. “Unless he guesses the right way and he’s there when the ball is struck. I’m not here to make the rules, I’m only told but that’s how I’d feel.”

Meanwhile Reid confirmed he’ll be fit for Ballyhale Shamrocks’ AIB All-Ireland club hurling semi-final tie despite a ‘nasty’ gash at the weekend.

The 2014 Hurler of the Year nominee required several stitches following a deep gash on his hand which has left two of his fingers bandaged and requiring a corrective split.

Ballyhale were playing Waterford IT in a challenge ahead of their semi-final with Gort. “I got four stitches on Sunday in a challenge, it was nasty enough,” said Reid.

“I’ll be okay. I was going to catch a ball and I was holding off the defender. He came around with the hurl and got me. I should be okay.”

Meanwhile Carlow have sold the naming rights to Dr Cullen Park and their training grounds in Fenagh to Netwatch. The global risk specialists, who are based locally, will have their brand attached to the Carlow town venue, which will now be titled Netwatch Cullen Park.


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