Naff jerseys: FIVE TO FORGET

Enda Muldoon (Derry, 2003)

“I can remember the jerseys we wore in 2003, it was a real change from what we were used to, a kind of a red fading into white at the top of the jersey, I thought it was a terrible-looking thing.

“It was only worn for the championship games that year as far as I can remember, but I don’t think it was a case of the players refusing to wear it or anything like that, in fact I think a lot of the players thought it was nice.

“Whatever the case, the following year we were back in the more usual design, white with the red band, although we did wear the opposite a good deal in 2004, even when we weren’t playing Tyrone.”

Benny Tierney (various Armagh goalkeeper jerseys)

“The one I wore in the Ulster final in 1999 was a bit like an explosion in a paint factory, and I wore a luminous one in around 2000 as well, which a lot of people remember! I used to turn up at training in a load of different jerseys and our manager at the time, Brian McAlinden, started calling me ‘Campos’ after the Mexican goalkeeper.

“Brian maintained if a forward was coming through and took his eye off the ball and saw this big hefty mass of colour coming towards him, it might distract him and I was of the personality that it was worth giving it a try!”

Paul Fitzgerald (Tipperary goalkeeper, 2006-08)

“Up until around the mid-to-late-90s the Tipp goalkeeper jersey would generally have been gold, but they’ve changed to white since then. They’ve generally been okay, but the one from 2006 stands out, that was bad alright.

“I didn’t have any input into it anyway, I don’t know did Brendan Cummins have some, he’d probably deny that he did anyway! It was mainly white but there were grey designs on the front and the sleeves were a dark gold, almost a brown. I doubt if it had any effect putting off forwards, though I kept a clean sheet against Kerry wearing it so maybe it had some effect. The current white Skoda one with navy trim is a lot nicer.”

Trevor Giles (Meath change, 2000)

“There was a fairly unusual one we wore against Offaly in 2000, gold with dark green trim and very short sleeves. We lost though and the following year we had a more ‘normal’ design, maybe if we’d have won we might have gone with a green version of this. The previous couple of years I’d gone off on a tangent and taken to cutting off my sleeves and I kept doing it because we were winning, but I didn’t have anything to do with these, they arrived from O’Neills the week of the game. Despite the result, a lot of the lads liked it and maybe it’s more memorable because it was only worn once.”

Brendan Murphy (Carlow, 2012-)

“We’re probably used to the red, yellow and green colour scheme by now, we don’t mind it, but I can see why other people might think it’s bad. It’s a bit... colourful. We got a new sponsor this year, Dan Morrissey, and they changed it a bit from the way it used to be, the red is only on the sleeves now. I haven’t heard any criticism about changing the traditional way, it’s actually gone down well in Carlow. I always liked the Kerry design, maybe that’s why Carlow have gone the way we have!”

— Denis Hurley

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