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WELL DONE TO those great Gaels from the Premier county who booed the Clare free taker from the first free. Also for the great fighting spirit literally shown on the terrace before throw in! About twenty lads going hell for leather. Great stuff. Unfortunately, RTÉ News only showed the highlights.

- High Ball Volvic

AFR’S SHOUT: To be fair to Tipp fans, they’re not the only ones who engage in the nefarious practice of booing their opponents. As for the melée on the terrace, I always knew no good would come of allowing fans to bring plastic hurleys into the stadium. THE TRAFFIC control in Limerick was abominable, even though there were Gardai everywhere. The jams were still there at 8:30 pm which is unacceptable for a modern city. Limerick is a bad place for a forty thousand ‘plus’ crowd.

- Damo

AFR’s SHOUT: A good weekend financially for the Munster Council and Limerick county board. On a fine day, with a full house, there’s a good atmosphere in the Gaelic Grounds but I agree that its location to the West of the city centre makes getting home afterwards a bit of a nightmare.

TIPERARY WERE better on paper and better on the day but Clare will regret Sunday’s performance.They threw away a chance of winning the game early on.They were shooting on sight throughout the game instead of taking a moment to pause and look inside for a better placed man or move in closer before shooting. In general, play was fairly even and Clare could have made it close. They will have Brendan Bugler back the next day and maybe Gerry Quinn at centre back which would improve them.They can progress to the semi if they pick themselves up.

- Handy Score

DELIGHTED WITH the win but Tipp have some work to do before the semi. I'd be a bit worried about the lull that came in the second half.

- Tipp Top

THE MUNSTER final turned on an injury stoppage that broke the momentum Clare had built up.

- South Limerick Referee

AFR’s SHOUT: This Tipp team are a class act. I fancy them to get to the All Ireland final and give a good account of themselves no matter who they meet.

A CLASSIC LINE line from Ger Canning at the end of the Munster final: ‘Clare have nothing to be sad about .... apart from losing.’

- Prairie

AFR’S SHOUT: Reminds me of the comment reputedly made to cheer up poor old Abe Lincoln’s widow after she got back to the White House from the Ford Theatre…. ‘Apart from the assassination, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?’.

THIS WAS easily Cork's most abject championship performance since the black day against Galway in 2002. They never remotely looked like losing the game at any stage but they could never pull away from Dublin. Galway will not be worried by this performance. All in all, pretty rudderless and uninspiring.

- John Holmes

AFR’s SHOUT: It wasn’t just a case of Cork playing poorly. Dublin are a lot better than you’re giving them credit for. But for conceding a really silly goal they might have sneaked a result. They just need a bit more self-belief and they’ll start to get results.

CORK WERE A thundering disgrace against Dublin. Not one player stood out and bar the lucky goal we could have being in serious trouble. Galway will have it easy against us next week.There was a great crowd at the match with some fans not able to get in till half-time. I couldn’t believe the game wasn't delayed and in fact threw in early with easily more people outside the ground than in it.

- Ringy

AFR’s SHOUT: I suppose it makes a change from the Dubs swaggering – or should that be staggering – in late.

FROM THE TV coverage during the weekend, I noticed the following in different games while the national anthem was being played: coach speaking to players; water bottle being passed around between players; one player tying up his boots and the usual ‘leppin’ up and down. If the players cannot respect the anthem, isn't it time to drop the practice?

- Jerry P

AFR’s SHOUT: Rather than drop the anthem, county boards and managers should take this childish behaviour in hand and root it out. Apart from the respect involved, standing still for the Anthem is actually a good opportunity to get finally focussed in the final seconds before the game. Is it just my impression, or are Waterford hurlers the worst offenders in this regard?

WOW! WERE Limerick 2007 the greatest false dawn in hurling history? The two new stands of Thomond Park loomed large in the background on Saturday.

- Micko Mc

I FELT LAST year that Limerick were one of the poorest teams in recent years to make it to an All-Ireland final. They haven’t done much since then to convince me otherwise.

- Blanco

AFR’s SHOUT: If you think Limerick fans are still feeling sore after Saturday night, how should they feel down Déise way? No excuses, the Blaah Boys should have beaten Limerick in last year’s All-Ireland semi final.

I’M STRUGGLING to think of a lower point for Limerick hurling. Even the Offaly defeat in 2003 was more competitive than this.

- Miller 1910

RICHIE BENNIS & Co really need to stop and assess where they are going.They need to learn the lessons from this year, come up with a simple coherent game plan and have a serious cut at the League next year. We must be organised, disciplined, focused and brave, and anyone who is not interested, should be thanked and asked to move on.

- West Limerick

AS A LIMERICK supporter I’m devastated at the lack of hunger and spirit of our team on Saturday night. I think the Limerick management are not as ruthless as making big changes as they should be, nor quick enough to make changes required on the sideline.

- Charlie

I THINK Richie Bennis has lost patience. He has allowed the players more leeway in certain areas than another manager would, in the hope of getting more out of them but hasn’t had this 'faith' repaid on the field this year. I would be surprised if the current management decided to stay on.The county board will find it very difficult to find a decent alternative unless Justin McCarthy decides he wants to prove a point.


THE MANAGER did not go out and hurl on Saturday. There was more heart in the coronary ward up the road in the Regional.

- Long Danny

AFR’S SHOUT: Tick in the Book for anyone finding fault with Richie now. Especially any fans who wanted to make him Blessed Richie Bennis last year. It always seems to be the Manager’s fault in Limerick. Never the fault of the poor standard in club hurling. Never the fault of the chaos in underage hurling. Changing the Manager – yet again – is the soft option. If Limerick forces a change now, that will be four or five managers fired in about three years – Cregan, Carroll, Whelehan, Ryan, McKenna and Bennis. Richie wants to stay. Let him at it for another year. Oh, and stop booing your hurlers just because they’re being beaten by a better team.

I WAS WATCHING the Connacht final on TV3 and I thought the coverage was very poor. They seem to be unable to keep up with the play and this happened on Sunday on several occasions.They were showing replays of scores, fouls and so on etc repeatedly while play was going on.This is really annoying and needless. I hope TV3 raise their game with the big live GAA matches coming up.

- Anchorman

AFR’s SHOUT: I knew it couldn’t last. We had nothing but praise for TV3 last week. Now they’re getting an idea of how they feel in RTÉ for the past forty years. WHAT WAS all this guff from Ger Canning and Michael Duignan about the crowds milling on to the pitch in Limerick showing us the ‘magic’ of the Munster championship?

- Bozo

AFR’s SHOUT: Just a load of nonsense. Of course, the Tipp fans were going to celebrate their victory in huge numbers. That doesn’t mean many of them don’t realise that the provincial championship format is killing the game. Ger’s comments sounded like no more than a huge ‘plug’ for the GAA diehards.

POOR OLD Mayo. Football is a cruel mistress. Alas, the game was there for them but they couldn’t close the deal when it really mattered. It was all about Connacht for Mayo this year. It was a pity about the diving by players on both sides, as highlighted on ‘The Sunday Game’.

- Lazarus

AFR’S SHOUT: If Mayo had started with the team they finished with. it might have been a different result. I just wonder if all that time he’s spending up in the Dáil is distracting John O’Mahony’s focus a bit too much?

GOING BACK TO the Munster football final against Kerry, I thought the ref was excellent overall - bar the sending offs on both sides. However, I was disgusted with what could only be described as an excuse for handpassing. Both teams were pathetic. Doesn't anyone realise the ball has to be stuck with the fist, otherwise it's a foul! Only Anthony Lynch seemed to obey the rule. How long will it be before someone scores a dubious winning 'throw' goal?. Mr.Fahy also successfully dealt with the unwritten rule that you can legally pick up the rolling ball without the toe under.The amount of people screaming at the ref without realising they're wrong was laughable.

- Dominic Manning

AFR’s SHOUT: The ref did an excellent job apart from the sending offs on both sides. Isn’t that a bit like saying the pilot had a great flight until he crashed the plane? No question about who wins ‘Comment of the Week’ and His ‘n Her GAA t-shirts from the gang at Fair play to Jerry P for highlighting the increasing disrespect shown to the national anthem by players.

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