Killian Kingston holds firm to advance to Mother Hegarty Cup final

Killian Kingston bowled with a lot of maturity to beat James O’Donovan in the Mother Hegarty Cup semi-final at Lyre on Sunday.
Killian Kingston holds firm to advance to Mother Hegarty Cup final

Their first shots only made the start of the soccer pitch, with Kingston just fore. O’Donovan played a perfect second to reach the cairn. Kingston dropped his right and missed it by 80m. He bounced back with a good bowl past the forestry entrance. O’Donovan should have beaten that well, but he played his bowl across to the left and beat it by just three meres.

Kingston whipped his fourth bowl away smartly on the centre. O’Donovan played his next two to the right. Kingston’s fifth shaved the left and went over the tunnel to give him a 100m lead. O’Donovan rallied with a great sixth to the smooth road, but Kingston made the farm gate to hold his odds. O’Donovan followed up with another great bowl and when Kingston blew his left he had just 40m odds. O’Donovan needed another big one to keep the mercury rising, but he was too far right. Kingston replied with a great bowl to Crowley’s bend, which O’Donovan missed by a metre to concede a bowl of odds.

O’Donovan made the middle of chicane with his next, which Kingston just beat when he could have been stretching his odds. O’Donovan then played a smashing bowl well around McCarthy’s bend. Kingston missed that by five metres. His next bowl drifted left and hit the butt of McCarthy’s wall. O’Donovan was a little right with his and only made the middle of the railing.

Kingston’s next was fast, if dangerously left, it clipped the stonewall at the end of the railing and gave him an 80m cushion facing the line. O’Donovan kept pressing and was 50m shy of the line in two more. Kingston had too much in hand though and closed it out with a good 14th shot.

Edmond Sexton beat Martin Coppinger by almost a bowl in a score with some exceptional throws at Donoughmore.

Coppinger shaded the opening shots to light. Sexton played his second bowl left and Coppinger extended his lead. Sexton’s third was brilliant and guaranteed him reaching the bounds in four, where he had virtually wiped out Coppinger’s lead.

Sexton turned the score with a massive bowl past the halfway line and on towards the end of the wall. Coppinger missed by a distance and after his next throw was almost a bowl down. Sexton turned the screw with another great bowl onto the straight to take his lead well over a bowl.

Coppinger then played a phenomenal bowl that covered the entire straight to sight. Sexton did well to beat that by 40m in two. It looked set for a brilliant finish, but Coppinger followed with a very short bowl into the left and missed Sexton’s tip. Sexton cruise home in three more.

Wayne Callanan bowled impressively to beat Gavin Twohig comfortably in the last shot of a Flor Crowley Cup tie at Ballinacurra.

Twohig opened with a great bowl to easily win the first tip. Callanan’s second beat the pedestrian crossing and cut Twohig’s lead to 40m. They made Brinny cross in the next and reached Foley’s in two more, where Twohig had clear light and Callanan was at bare sight. Callanan got a good bowl from his tip. Still Twohig looked set to extend his lead, but played his bowl too far left and missed his chance. Callanan then played a great bowl to Perrott’s. Twohig was slightly left and missed it by 20m. Twohig bounced back with a perfect bowl to the end of Perrott’s. Callanan did well to fall short of that by just 15m.

Twohig lined a scintillating bowl tight on the right to win the shots to the GAA by 50m. Callanan rescued his challenge with a good bowl to the bridge. Twohig played his reply a shade to the right and missed it by 20m. Callanan won the next exchange too past the bridge. Twohig then reached the start of the straight with another good bowl. Callanan was too tight left with his and missed it by 15m.

Callanan bounced back with a sensational bowl past the line to just short of Cronin’s avenue. Twohig missed it well.

Brendan O’Neill beat Dan O’Halloran by over three bowls in the Josie Crean Cup at Whitechurch. They reached the pump in three, with O’Neill 30m fore. O’Halloran got a good bowl to peeping sight at the top of the hill. but O’Neill beat it well. O’Halloran’s challenge collapsed in three poor shots to the bottom of the hill, which left him almost two bowls adrift. O’Neill got a great bowl towards Boula lane and kept up the pressure to go over three in front at Downey’s line.

Ger O’Driscoll beat Alex O’Donovan in the last shot of the Pike final. O’Driscoll won the first shot, but a poor second put him in trouble. O’Donovan was a bowl clear at White’s cross. O’Driscoll levelled with a good bowl from the cross. After three more to Draper’s, O’Driscoll was back in front. He held the upper hand from there and won well despite a big second last from O’Donovan.

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