McGregor will KO Aldo if the Brazilian stands and fights claims McGregor’s training partner.

“Jose Aldo will be knocked out within the first round if he stands and exchanges with Conor McGregor,” according to McGregor’s training partner and Irish Muay Thai champion Cian Cowley. 

McGregor will KO Aldo if the Brazilian stands and fights claims McGregor’s training partner.

Cowley has been helping McGregor prepare for his UFC featherweight title showdown with Aldo and if Aldo rushes out and fights emotionally, it will be an early night according to the Dubliner who spoke to the guys at ahead of Saturday's showdown.

“I think if Aldo comes rushing out and starts exchanging with Conor it will be over after one or two exchanges. I think this will be a car crash of a fight for Aldo I really do.

“I don’t think Aldo has put a lot of people away while Conor has been blowing people away.”

Cowley is a decorated Muay Thai champion who also owns and runs Warrior Muay Thai Boxing club in Dublin and has been sparring with McGregor in the lead up to UFC 194. He claimed McGregor’s movement and footwork is one of the assets that impresses him the most, but if Cowley was coaching one of his own students to prepare for McGregor how would he go about it?

“It would be extremely difficult to prepare a fighter to fight someone like Conor. He is always trying new stuff in the gym, I have been fighting for over ten years and some of the stuff he tries I have never even seen and if it doesn’t work out he will keep practicing until he makes it work, he’s very unpredictable.

“I’m not sure what advice Aldo’s coaches are giving him, but I have a feeling it’s to go in there and exchange with Conor which won’t work.

“I think the best way of fighting Conor would be to play him at his own game, movement, keep moving and mimic him and use your range in saying that it’s a lot easier said than done.”

McGregor has gained a reputation for constantly talking to his opponent’s in the octagon, but does this stop in training?

“Talking to your opponent in the octagon can be very frustrating. Even when we spar, I more than hold my own in there with Conor, but yet he will still be talking to me saying ‘come on son, let’s go’ or when I land one of my shot’s he might say something like ‘oh that was ok’.

“It can be very frustrating and it can make you rush into things and make mistakes and that’s exactly what he wants. He’s brilliant at it.”

Aldo is known for his fearsome kicks which have left many of his opponents, including former champion Uriah Faber, limping in agony. Cowley however, believes McGregor is more than prepared to deal with the Brazilian’s quick feet.

“Everyone keeps talking about Aldo’s leg kicks and if he’s going in there with leg kicks as his main threat he might as well issue his own death certificate as Conor will counter with his left every time he tries one of those kicks.

“In training I’ve been throwing a lot of leg kicks and Conor’s very good at deflecting them and more importantly countering them.”

Cowley himself has recently made the transition from Muay Thai to MMA and has been training under the watchful eye of John Kavanagh at SBG for the past three months.

“I have had to make a lot of adjustments, even with my stand up, a lot of people think because of my Muay Thai background I just have to learn the jiu-jitsu and wrestling but there’s a lot more to it.

“It’s been difficult in the sense that I used to be always the best in my class in Muay Thai or else teaching the class to going to a beginner’s class in jiu-jitsu. I have been fighting ten years and I am usually very confident, but I had butterflies at my first class.

“It’s humbled me and I think it’s even made me a better coach for new people starting in my gym.”

With running his own gym, to training in MMA to cornering his fighter’s events, Cowley’s everyday life is fighting orientated and he wouldn’t change it for anything.

“It can be difficult to get a balance to fit everything in but fighting is all I have known. I haven’t even watched TV in years all I do when I’m not training or coaching is watch fights. It’s all I do and it’s what I think I need to keep doing in order to become a complete fighter.”

There has been no date set yet for Cowley’s debut and although he can’t wait to step inside the octagon he won’t rush anything.

“There is nothing definite yet in terms of my MMA debut but I won’t rush anything. I still have a lot to learn but I’m learning very quick, I’m part of the best team in the world and it’s just a matter of time until I’m in the UFC.”

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