READER'S BLOG: Challenging the climate change alarmists

The weather from September 2016 through to August 2017 was one of the most benign continuous periods of fine weather in Ireland.

READER'S BLOG: Challenging the climate change alarmists

The weather from September 2016 through to August 2017 was one of the most benign continuous periods of fine weather in Ireland.

Autumn, winter and spring months were mostly mild and dry. Farmers could plough their fields in December. Some had already harvested silage by April and there were many opportunities to save hay. Apart from one wet weekend of intense rainfall in Donegal, the weather could not be classified as being extreme in any sense.

The news media, however, continuously report that there is something abnormal about the weather in

Ireland. It is rarely reported that many extreme weather events are perfectly consistent with natural variability of the climate system including hurricane Ophelia.

Climate change careerists and alarmists continually attribute any weather that comes our way to manmade global warming. It doesn’t matter if it is hot, cold, wet, dry because everything can be attributed to man’s influence. Except none of it is true.

For example, periods of intense rainfall in Ireland in October 2009 and December 2015 occurred at a time when sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic were 3C below the norm, not above the norm. All the talk of every year being hotter than the next is absolute utter propaganda. The margin of error in surface temperatures is 10 times the supposed increase, making the increase statistically irrelevant.

The history of surface thermometer data is constantly being revised to make the past appear colder and present hotter. The Earth is supposedly hotter today than ever before yet in 1990, Nasa publications reported the average temperature of the Earth as 15.5C while today it is reported as 14.5C. So cold is the new hot. More to the point, there is no man-made enhanced greenhouse effect because satellites record the outgoing IR radiation from the Earth as increasing not decreasing. No extra trapping of IR energy from CO2 gas means no enhanced greenhouse effect and no human influence. End of story.

It is remarkable that the Citizens Assembly “debated” climate change and never invited a single presentation from anyone challenging the alarmist delusion. The farcical terms of reference were just to make Ireland a leader in tackling climate change. Can you imagine if the terms were how to make Ireland a leader in the provision of abortion? When it comes to discussing the politics or science of climate change say goodbye Ireland, hello North Korea.

Legislating for outside temperature by regulating CO2 as a pollutant is an act of absolute utter insanity and yet this is the tune your local TD is marching to. This insidious agenda will shoehorn a wind turbine in your neighbourhood, ban turf, ban expansion of the national herd, increase taxes, increase the cost of electricity and much, much more.

Regulating CO2 is de facto the regulation of all aspects of human activity. There are endless possibilities to justify government intervention everywhere into our daily lives. Implementing the Paris Climate Agreement for example will cost globally between $100tn-$200tn by 2100 but will theoretically prevent a warming of just 0.1C. Paradoxically, I welcome the call from the Irish Climate Alarmist collective to regulate CO2 as a pollutant by writing a suitable clause into the constitution. If such a referendum is ever held, we will finally be allowed have a proper debate in this country and the reasoning from the climate alarmist industry will be crushed like a nut.

Ultan Murphy



Co Cork

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