Kerry and Patton: how to tell the real hero

JOHN KERRY got three purple hearts in 90 days of combat in Vietnam. He didn’t stay a day in the hospital. My hero, George Patton, got his nose broken three times and an arm broken twice just playing football for West Point.

He received a purple heart in World War I after almost dying from machine gunfire injuries.

John Kerry opted to go home after three purple hearts and four months of duty (one month in training). George Patton was with Pershing in Mexico where he killed Gen Cardenas, one of Pancho Villa’s bodyguards. He shot him with his ivory-handled Colt 45.

He took tank training from the French in WWI, then trained and led our men. After the war he wanted Congress to build tanks but they didn’t listen until the Nazi Blitz. Between the wars he learned to fly and led the way in light-plane observation of the battlefield. You know what he did in WWII. Maybe you didn’t know that after the Germans were defeated he volunteered to fight in the Pacific. Imagine MacArthur and Patton together!

George Patton had a son, also named George, who graduated from West Point only days after the death of his father. He fought with honour in Korea and Vietnam. After he died last month the Boston Globe reported that Patton II had said Kerry’s anti-war actions “gave aid and comfort to the enemy and probably caused some of my guys to get killed” in Vietnam.

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