Old people don’t misjudge the young

I WAS enraged when reading recently about a survey “showing” that adults are judgmental and that they hassle, demean and mistreat the young.

Neither I nor any other “oldie” I know is anti-young in any way. However, were they to be asked questions in a similarly vacuous survey, they might be gently coaxed into saying that anybody under 20 was an ungrateful, shallow, inexperienced, useless lump that had never paid its way in the world.

What on earth was the grantocrat trying to prove? The old and the young occasionally don’t understand each other - that has been known for thousands of years and only a profoundly ignorant and/or naïve person would need to try to prove it. Even worse, the publication of these worthless results helps only to strengthen the few misunderstandings that do exist in the stand-off.

I have just done a little survey that shows that most young people are too busy studying to have spoken to an old person recently to find out what (s)he actually does think of young people.

Richard D Barton

Kevin Street


Co Wicklow

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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