Election message

JOHN KERRY was often referred to as a “hypocrite” during the recent American Presidential election.

This clearly must have been very damaging to him in the context of the potential Catholic vote.

The Democratic party’s so-called track record of high taxes and low morals probably made it extra difficult for Mr Kerry during the campaign.

Unfortunately, the long-term effects of this election could mean that there will never again be a Democratic president who is a practising Catholic, whatever about the possibility of a Republican Catholic president.

Since the collapse of the USSR and the subsequent decline of communism many people believe that there is a change in Europe, too.

This would seem to be confirmed for quite a while... the liberal agenda as another form of dictatorship.

Public opinion, therefore, may be moving slowly on a kind of turntable in the unending search for a better quality of life for all.

Ken O’Brien

St Joseph’s

Bishopstown Road



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