Aer Lingus shows how the rip-off works

MUCH has been written recently about the difference in prices between Dublin and the rest of the country. Economists have said there is no reason for this and some admit to being baffled as to the reason.

However, I have discovered the cause of it all.

It’s simple... the people in Dublin who serve the food or the pints, or who cut the hair or sell the cinema tickets, are supporters of the national football team.

It is common knowledge that many of the fans who travel to watch the boys in green to places like Talinn and Skopje are from Dublin.

I am not making an issue of this, but it does show why the prices are that much higher in the capital, the reason being that Aer lingus is out to get the genuine football fan. A few months ago I flew to Paris for a weekend break. The flight cost a little under €90, not as cheap as advertised, but I was happy enough with it.

Imagine my surprise then when I checked the Aer Lingus website for the fares to Paris on the weekend of the Ireland-France World Cup qualifier in October. I found that a return flight from Friday to Sunday would cost in the region of €380 - more than four times the cost of a flight for the same days a few months earlier and twice the price of a September flight to Prague.

I would assume that for a match against a star-studded French team there will probably be 10,000 Irish fans heading to Paris that weekend.

I know it’s the principle of supply and demand, but targeting a small group of football supporters to make a quick buck is overdoing it.

The average price of a weekend return flight to Paris from Dublin with Aer Lingus is somewhere in the region of €150 with no special offers, so, fair enough, increase the price for that weekend, but wouldn’t €200 be enough?

Is the greed so deep that the screw has to be turned on the genuine Irish football fan?

The survey showing that Dublin is dearest did not tell those of us who live there anything we didn’t already know.

The Aer Lingus mentality is a very good illustration of the reason why we are most vulnerable in rip-off Ireland.

Shane Dunne

Allendale Square


Dublin 15.

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