Rip-off Ireland: why it pays to complain

ALMOST two years after the introduction of the euro, prices seem to keep going up — a few cent here, a few cent there.

People mumble and gripe and wonder what they can do, but hardly anyone seems to take up the issue with shops and suppliers.

I went to a shop recently to get a roll of film. A 24-exposure roll of Fuji Superia was priced at €5.32, but I noticed the same roll next to it with 24 exposures, plus 12 free. Obviously, this represented better value, so I took it.

Imagine my surprise to see the price marked as €5.99 so where were the 12 'free' shots promised by Fuji? I pointed this out to a staff member who sailed off to consult with a manager. Sure enough, when she came back I was told I could have the roll of 36 for €5.32.

Now, you'd think that once this discrepancy was pointed out, the shop would have been quick to correct their display. I was irritated to find nothing had changed when I returned four days later. I wondered how many people had paid for the 'free' shots since.

As you can imagine, if this happens every time you buy groceries, you could find €10 or €15 extra going onto your weekly shopping bill. While it's true that the example of the film was only a difference of 60c or so, there's a principle involved. Remember, if you don't say anything, nothing will change.

Nick Folley,

36, Ardcarrig,


Co Cork.

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