Children exploited in body, mind and spirit

AS a victim of childhood clergy sexual assault who struggles every day for survival, I would like to thank Ryle Dwyer and the Irish Examiner for the brilliant column headlined 'Shame on the Church, and us, for letting bad apples rot the barrel' (Jan. 14).

The heartbreaking story of Joseph Pyke, who was possibly beaten to death by an out-of-control 'religious' brother, can only make us wonder how many more victims are out there the world over; children victimised and exploited in body, mind and spirit.

It's true that the physical and sexual battery of children goes on in other organisations and religions, but taking into account the staggering numbers of victims and perpetrators in the Catholic Church, not to mention the millions spent by the Catholic hierarchy on legal fees and public relations cover-ups, nothing comes near the extent of this evil in the Church of Rome.

Pray for us victims - but if you want to stop this abuse of the most precious of God's creations, stand up for yourselves and your children... take back your Church.

Victoria Martin

Lime Ave

Long Beach



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