Teflon Taoiseach sticks to the pan

On the subject of Teflon frying pans, it has been my experience that nothing sticks to them at first.

However, once they start to wear out, they begin to make a dog’s dinner of everything. Our Teflon Taoiseach certainly seems to be losing his non-stickability and is also making a canine meal of it.

His latest reverse is the transformation of his monumental dream of a Bertie Bowl into a sad and pathetic begging bowl where private investors are expected to throw a few euro. In days gone by we would simply dispose of our worn-out Teflon products and replace them with new ones. Nowadays the tendency is to recycle them.

I wonder how we could recycle a Taoiseach?

Niall Ó Brolcháin

2 Bar na Carraige,

Fort Lorenzo,


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