Your don’t get a scroll for individual worth

WILLIAM EVERS (Irish Examiner letters, August 26) unfortunately missed the point in my response to his original letter of August 19 in which he insensitively exclaimed that a person who can’t read or write isn’t worth anything.

I would argue that a young man making rudimentary tools in New Guinea is as valuable on this earth as a Harvard scholar - as is the Irish farmer or the fisherman who never learned to read because he needed to work when times were hard for his family.

Mr Evers equated his daughter’s difficulty with the meaning of some words to a weaker education system.

Our language evolves with time and I’m sure Mr Evers and his generation would be just as challenged by words used in modern communication such as blogging, avatar, egosurfing, emoticons, flaming, lamer, retroware, ubiquilink and zen mail.

He also suggests that a good education is necessary to put bread on the table. I may be wrong, but I thought people ate food long before formal education was developed.

Further advances in science and mathematics will be achieved by young people like Mr Evers’ daughter who are getting their education today in the system that he feels is inadequate.

Change is good. It is only doing things the same way that will inhibit progress.

Tom O’Leary

Fair Green

Dromore West

Co Sligo

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