Our lovely village is now a concrete jungle

ONCE upon a time, and a very short time ago it was, before developers descended, before machinery moved in, before the concrete jungle was born, we lived in a village.

Once upon a time from my windows I watched the rabbits play, the cattle graze in summer fields and lambs gambol in spring.

I marvelled as wondrous winter sunsets faded behind the trees at Lisnegar and saw an amber harvest moon rise o’er Clykeel.

Now, through windows thick with dust, I watch the scaffolding and ugly concrete walls grow higher replacing all that was beautiful such a short time ago.

Once upon a time I loved to laze in my garden, to smell the flowers, to listen to the birds and dream.

Now the peace is shattered by the din of cement mixers and diggers, the scent of roses replaced by diesel fumes and dust.

Once upon a time I enjoyed a stroll along our lovely country roads. Now, risking life and limb, I face the obstacle course that was once a footpath.

One would need hobnailed boots to negotiate the rough terrain of dug-up footpaths, and goggles to avoid being blinded by clouds of dust and flying debris.

With no thought for Séan Citizen, who has paid his taxes and has spent a lifetime in this lovely village, footpaths have been commandeered for scaffolding and rubble.

Forced to walk on a busy road we, the citizen of Rathcormac, are in constant discomfort and danger as just a ribbon of orange plastic stands between us and oblivion.

For those of us getting on in years, for those of us in wheelchairs or pushing buggies, it is a no-go area.

Once upon a time cones were wafers filled with ice-cream. Now they are a red-and-white army that litter our street and obstruct entry to our homes and garages.

We who have lived, loved and raised our children here have been demoted to second-class citizen... nay, not citizens, because citizens would have a say.

We, the voiceless people of Rathcormac, cannot stand in the way of... progress!

Where have all the villages gone? Under concrete every one. When will they ever learn?

Noreen Murphy

Canon Street


Co Cork

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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